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Pablo Casado justifies his presence in Colón with Vox in that his obligation is to be with the “real Spain” | Spain

Pablo Casado is upset with the insistence of journalists on the demonstration that he will share with Vox on June 13 in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid against the pardons to the leaders of the process. The leader of the PP has complained this Tuesday that the media agenda is “taking care of the finger and not the moon”, for focusing on whether or not a photo will be taken with the extreme right in that protest, two years after the fateful Image in Colón that he shared with Santiago Abascal and Albert Rivera, former leader of Ciudadanos, and that ended up benefiting only Vox. Casado on Tuesday justified his presence at the ceremony on the 13th with the extreme right, saying that his obligation is to be with “real Spain.” “And if that makes us share a space with other political formations, welcome,” he added. The leader of the PP has revolted against criticism of that demonstration, charging against the Government – “the most radical in Europe” – and its alliances. “What I would be ashamed of is having photos with Bildu”, has counterattacked Pedro Sánchez. The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, suggested on Monday that she will also attend the demonstration and this Tuesday was confirmed by the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís in an interview on TVE.

Casado argues that it is “irrelevant” which parties will be in the protest against the pardons to the independence leaders and finds in the debate a “probe balloon” that starts from the “propaganda” of La Moncloa. However, in its steering committee there were voices that bet not to attend a demonstration that once again offers an image of the PP in a bloc with the extreme right, and that also recovers the representation of a right divided into three brands, something that the popular congratulated themselves on having been exiled in the Madrid elections. In fact, during his speech at an informative breakfast for Europa Press in Madrid, Casado insisted that his “mission is not to form party blocs, but majorities of voters” and stressed that the only alternative to Sánchez is the PP.

The leader of the PP has revolted against criticism, charging against the Government and its partners, “those who want to overthrow the constitutional regime.” “The democracy and moderation cards are distributed by the moderates,” he claimed. “We do not accept the demonization of Spanish society that manifests itself peacefully against those who abandon the Constitution that they have promised to defend,” he argued. Sources from their surroundings explain that the photo with Abascal “does not obsess them”, but that it will not take place because the organizers have asked the parties to go “in the background”, so that civil society has the leading role. The PP will try, in any case, to avoid photography with Vox, placing itself in differentiated spaces within the Plaza de Colón. The popular ones feel less uncomfortable with the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, who will also attend.

Casado has spun a very forceful speech against the granting of pardons to the leaders of the process, which stands only as the beginning of a path towards a “dismissal process” promoted in his opinion by the Government of Sánchez. “Sánchez’s plan is the neutralization of the PP as the first step towards constitutional mutation, through an illegitimate change and outside the planned procedure,” said the leader of the PP. Casado rejects that the measure of grace could be the beginning of a path of concord between Catalan and Spanish society: “To call this dark transaction concord is much more than a language trap and a disregard for the intelligence and maturity of the Spanish people; it is simply the grotesque manipulation of one of the noblest values ​​of our politics to put it at the service of the lowest purposes ”.

Nor does Casado believe that the pardons will serve for the independence movement to definitively abandon the unilateral path. “If the separatists do not abandon their threats, we are doomed to make history repeat itself over and over again with the same result, whatever Pedro Sánchez says and whatever the PSOE does,” says Casado, also very critical of the words de Sánchez opposing pardons to “revenge”. “Since when is the rule of law and justice revenge, revenge and punishment?” “At what point did the Social Democracy adopt the principle that the law interferes with harmony and coexistence?”

The PP leader has also asked the Government to have a “more responsible” international position, in reference to the diplomatic crisis with Morocco, especially with the US. what [España] it loses some weight as a strategic ally ”, he defended. Casado also believes that Sánchez should not have broken the tradition of visiting Morocco in the first place when he became president.

The popular president has been accompanied by the presidents of the Community of Madrid and the Region of Murcia, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Fernando López Miras; the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and the majority of members of his leadership. The event was also attended by the secretary general of the UGT, the president of the ONCE, and the presidents of Iberdrola, Sacyr, Volkswagen and Acerinox.

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