Wednesday, August 4

Pablo Iglesias leaves the vice-presidency and will compete with Ayuso for Madrid




The Vice President of the Government and Secretary General of United We Can (UP), Pablo Iglesias, has announced through a video on social networks that he is leaving the coalition government to present himself as a candidate for his training in the electoral advance of next May 4 in the Community of Madrid. This has been transferred to the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez. It will be Yolanda Díaz, the Minister of Labor, who assumes the second vice presidency left by Iglesias.

The decision modifies the character of the regional elections, which drastically assume features of a national contest. The decision supposes a very high risk for Podemos, which is left without its main sword in La Moncloa. And it could also burn Iglesias if his surprise candidacy does not serve as a catalyst in the Community of Madrid. What is evident is that Unidos Podemos has decided to give a coup for the 4-M, a situation that put them on the ropes, knowing the weakness of his project in Madrid.

The video lasts 8.20 minutes and he himself has shared it on his Twitter without writing any more message. The UP leader addresses the grassroots and militancy from the headquarters of the Vice Presidency for Social Rights, where he reviews the first year of the coalition government, accompanied by a flag from Spain and another from Europe. The objective, he stressed, is to “stop the criminal right” and avoid a Government of the Popular Party and Vox.

«I have been meditating a lot in the last days together with Isa Serra Y Holy jesuss and other colleagues, and we have decided that if those registered want to, I will present myself in the elections on May 4, “said Iglesias.

«A militant must be there where he is most useful at all times, rest assured that I will put everything I have learned in these years, all my head, all my energy, all my heart, to cBuild a strong and broad left-wing candidacy to prevent the extreme right from taking over the institutions and to win the Government of the Community of Madrid ”, has continued.

Changes in government

Now, as explained by Iglesias, the Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, will also assume the powers of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Minister of Labor will also become the second vice president. A launch pad for the political future of the Galician leader. In fact, Iglesias has already pushed Díaz to be The United We Can candidate for the presidency of the Government in the next national elections. “I think I say something that millions of people on the left feel if I say that Yolanda Díaz may be the next president of the Government of Spain,” he assured.

Iglesias has insisted on the need for the left to face the Madrid elections with “breadth”, “high-mindedness” and “unity”. For this reason, he has also proposed the leader of Más Madrid, Íñigo Errejón, a joint candidacy despite the “scars.”

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