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Pablo’s insistence has a prize for Eldense

Pablo García gave the victory to Eldense against Melilla a la Míchel in the World Cup in Italy 90. The Deportivo attacker, after searching hard for the goal throughout the duel and running into various misfortunes time and time again, completed the comeback of a A team that is already used to raising results and scoring when their opponents have less ability to react, in the last stages of the game.

Ortuño, one of the best in the game, drives the ball under the watchful eye of a rival. | ÁXEL ÁLVAREZ David marin

During the first half neither team wanted to leave their comfort zone. Eldense amassed possession percentage, without excessive depth. Melilla, after a few minutes with high pressure to try to short-circuit the output of the local ball, went on to wait behind, well ordered, without fissures and looking for their option on the counter.

Pablo was the only Deportivo footballer to enjoy chances, but he was not fine in the shot. In the clearest, he beat Pol Ballesté with a shot without the necessary force to subsequently overcome Ali, who cleared in the small area. Then, the “11” from Eldense badly finished off a good serve from Ortuño’s right and missed a heads-up with the rival goalkeeper, although the action was canceled due to offside.

Melilla did not look too much at Vallejo’s goal, but in one of them he brushed the goal. A poisoned center by Ali from the left surprised the Eldense goalkeeper, who in an excess of confidence raised his arms when he saw him outside, but when he fell he did not dislike him by just inches. The crossbar repelled the ball and Guille could breathe easy.

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The whole of the North African city repeated in the second act its good start from the beginning of the duel. Eldense, for its part, took off that arreón with a whip from outside the Ortuño area that was met with an excellent response from Ballesté, who was not surprised by the nearby boat to clear.

Near game time, Melilla found a way to break the equality. González, from the midfielder position, launched Fran Núñez down the right wing. He served a good cross to the far post and Iker Hernández only had to push the ball into the back of Guille Vallejo’s goal.

A new comeback

The goal provoked the immediate reaction of José Juan Romero, who made three changes at a stroke to try to give his team an offensive spark. Pablo, again, ran into Ballesté again in his attempt to find the destination of the goal. For the third time in the duel it was time to resign, bow his head and return to the defensive zone. It would not be the last disappointment for Pablo, tireless throughout the game. The Eldense striker had two other options to score, but first he did not know how to finish off a loose ball well in the small area and, moments later, he brushed a good cross from Musa that did not take direction between the three sticks.

Despite the lack of success of their forwards, Eldense found a way to tie. A ball hung from afar was placed by Fabrizio to Salinas, who finished off with everything. Ballesté, once again, became a giant, but the rejection hit Chica and became the equalizer.

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And so we arrived at the «Cesarini area», which we will have to start calling the «Eldense area». And justice was done with Pablo, who scored 2-1 after a good run by Ortuño on the right. This time he did not lower his head at the end of his action. He celebrated what he had been fighting for 88 minutes, the winning goal. “I deserve it,” he might as well have screamed. After a new comeback and four games without losing, Eldense looks up.

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