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Pachá as a strategic company or the moral intoxication of sanchismo



Ok, come on, we accept Pacha as a strategic company. To such a state of resignation the acceptance capacity of the Spanish has been reduced, subjected to such exhaustion that it requires a constant effort to stay on its feet. Surely the same committee of experts that decided on the rescue of Plus Ultra, undoubtedly using the same arguments, has delivered 18 million euros to a nightclub after being classified as a strategic company. The flagship companies of Spain are no longer for our Government the Santander or the Telefónica, but Pachá, a representative place in the collective imagination for many things but very few covered with the strategic varnish that such a public subsidy requires, especially if it is carried out under the umbrella

European. The rescue of Pachá with a couple of tens of millions of euros is sure to perfectly illustrate the frugal countries, which with so many doubts have agreed to release the funds from the taxes of their citizens, on the firm hand of our Executive to distribute some money that is not his. The rescue of a bottle, in short, is the image of Sánchez’s Spain, the summary of a moral intoxication accompanied by the hiding of the truth and the energetic support of the lie. The PSOE SA has its new Leonardos, Erasmos and Gutenberg; Rosauros, Paces y Barroso They are the new generation of clever called to conquer the future, the constructive and iconographic collective of this Spain of tambourine and cubalibre.

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President Sánchez tells us that electricity is cheaper than years ago, that inflation is temporary, that we have emerged stronger from the pandemic and, now, that Pacha it is strategic. Well, you have to believe it, because it all depends on the country you want to build and the intentions of each one. It is not worth the prestige, but the fame. And so it goes. This is how it is understood that an entrepreneur of the night should be the one who guides the destinations of a Spain at the rhythm of a disco. Who better? One more example of crony capitalism always latent in this holy country. Does it not sound familiar to anyone that, again as an example, Varo has appeared in the media after some movement of chairs or after visiting his friend, the ‘presimiente’ of the Government? And I am not saying it, it is that behind the scenes of the headquarters of different political parties, of various colors, believe me, many have long pointed to the young businessman as one of the most present and frequent visitors in La Moncloa, with his prestigious position under his arm. as a counselor of Prisa, intimate of Javier de Paz (recognized in the business political world as a de facto representative of Telefónica before the Sánchez Government), and the son of a former PSOE deputy, Juana Amalia Rodríguez, benchmate of Sánchez between 2016 and 2019. Closed the circle, the example is understood. The fact is that if it were the only one … I will leave it for another day, today it is not playing and there are many already …

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Because now the real and dramatic problem that concerns us is that we have neither come out stronger nor can we cope with the electricity bill, nor almost the shopping basket, because our economy needs a plan and state people, not rum -Neither queue to Chimo Bayo and his fair, coalition and inclusive cod route. The economy needs, he said, real businessmen and reputable politicians to achieve lively irrigation in the circulation of our productive fabric. A moral detoxification and an urgent change of course are urgently needed. Mutual mistrust is much stronger than trust, and bad news has greater credibility than hopeful news.

For this reason, the most relevant figures for the end of the year deserve special mention as a reminder for all of you, which show the toxicity of the messages of the government and the manipulation that Sánchez himself makes of them: prices closed the year with a rise not seen for 29 years, with an increase of 6.7%, which in turn reveals that the price of electricity once again had a great weight in this rise in the CPI, which by the way ridicules Sánchez’s promise to pay the same as in 2018 since the average price of electricity in 2021 was 112 euros MWh, 230% more expensive than in 2020 and a 95% more expensive than in 2018. Meanwhile, the advance of Omicron sinks the hotel industry: 80% cancellations and losses of 1,500 million.

Goethe saw clearly that enthusiasm is not a salty herring that can be kept for many years. Ours begins to smell of pure moral exhaustion, and comes wrapped in paper with yesterday’s news. Bullfighter decency and shame, ladies and gentlemen, and then if that we will celebrate it in any strategic beach bar. End and end. Ah! Let me not forget, especially to all good people, I wish you a good year.

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