Wednesday, August 4

Pacheta returns Elche CF to the relegation places (3-1)

The match was marked by the reunion, this time on the rival bench, with the last hero of the French green promotion, coach José Rojo «Pacheta». Elche was surpassed by his team and, now, he returns to the positions that return the club to Second, precisely in favor of Huesca, which leads by one point, plus the “average” goal, to the franjiverdes.

The meeting, played on Friday as the first of the day 30 of LaLiga Santander, it was presumed intense and highly contested. Both coaches highlighted the similarities of both teams, which in the last 5 games had obtained the same results (1 victory, 2 losses and 2 draws), and warned in the previous one that the score was going to be very tight. The two teams played a lot. Everyone thought they would be conservative, but the start was fast-paced.

Elche jumped onto the field with only two changes in the starting eleven compared to the last game against Betis (1-1). Lucas Boyé returned to the lead after serving a sanction and Barragán replaced Palacios on the right side. Huesca had the loss due to injury to the owner Maffeo. Siovas, touched, started from the bench.

The coaches had appealed to the concentration of their own, highlighting that the result would be very tight. But in minute 4 the game was already 1-1. The two teams came out strong, brave, brave, but messy and imprecise. Nervous Very accelerated but without control. Huesca was more focused. In minute 2 he already took his second corner. After a rebound, a cross into the small area and a goal from Rafa Mir (1.90 tall), who found no opposition from any defender. He dialed at will.

Huesca was still celebrating when Elche tied. Take it out of the center of the field, Barragán touches it and runs up the right. He receives, he dribbles, he gets into the area. He has up to three teammates for the auction. He throws a “center-kick” that the Huesca defender Vavro touches and hits his goal. Joy jumps sideways. It would not last long. In the 21st, the referee signals a penalty from Mojica and shows him a yellow. The VAR comes into action and the referee marks a previous foul and withdraws the warning. Relief for the people of Elche, who arrive little at the top. They try to go out with the ball played but the pressure of Huesca prevents it.

The party enters a round trip, but Huesca is more dangerous. Badia has to intervene up to three times with hits between the three clubs .. Two of them are spectacular saves.

In the 29th minute, Sandro overtook Huesca and put Elche back in the relegation pit. Fidel gave him a ball near the area and he didn’t think about it. Zambombazo that bounces in front of Badia, misleads the goalkeeper, who fails. Fatal mistake.

The rest is a want and I can’t from Elche. Some center from Mojica, a strong but focused shot from the Colombian. And up to 4 corners, but little more. Mordant missing.

The lack of depth continued at the start of the second half. Huesca gives the ball to Escribá’s men and closes behind. Pacheta must have asked his players to calm down, who wait and go against it. Elche circulates the ball but continues without deepening and without creating danger. The technician reacts. Minute 63. Carrillo and Josan enter. Milla and Morente exit. The next play is a dangerous cross from the crevillentino who heads Guido but out. It will be the only one. Pacheta returns it quickly. A minute later he takes out ex-green-green Mosquera and Vavro, and Rico and Siovas enter the field. Huesca yields the ball, but Elche does not know what to do with it. It is powerless, it does not reach the top, it continues without balance or order. A pressure in midfield prevents him from thinking. There is no creation. Huesca de Pacheta, until recently at the bottom, is taking the colors out of him and completely disconnecting from the game.

In 69, Escribá moves token. Rigoni enters, Fidel leaves. It has been willful, but not very successful. Soon after, Carrillo was injured. He had been on the field for eleven minutes. Muscular stretch. Nino enters. The game is very rough and Elche is very thick. Pacheta takes out Coumbia to reinforce the center of the field. In 71, Boyé launched a free-kick from far away but forced the rival goalkeeper to intervene with a great save. Elche moves the ball, but there is no speed. And there comes a hand from Mojica and a penalty at 85. Rafa Mir scores his second goal and the 3-1. It’s over. Elche has put his will, but nothing more. It has not been his day.

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