Monday, November 23

Packaging manufacturer ITC exceeds 54 million revenues and earns 25% more

One of ITC's production lines at its Ibi factory.

One of ITC’s production lines at its Ibi factory.

After becoming one of the largest manufacturers of packaging for food, ibense ITC Packaging now targets the drugstore to continue growing. Specifically, the company has already closed new agreements with producers such as SPB -one of the largest suppliers of cleaning products in Mercadona- or the Andalusian Persan -that has just signed an alliance with the multinational Unilever-, with which it expects to further increase its turnover in the coming years, as confirmed yesterday by the deputy director general of the firm, Rafael Brotons.

For the moment, the latest consolidated balance sheets that the company has deposited in the Mercantile Registry show again positive figuresespecially on the profit side. Thus, ITC Packaging invoiced last year 54.4 million euros, This represented an increase of 1.64%, a much more moderate figure than in previous years, although it must be taken into account that the company is about to double the business volume it had in 2012.

But the real improvement came from the results side, which went from 4.5 to 5.7 million, which was 25.6% more. An evolution that Brotons links, on the one hand, to the lowering of its main raw material, that is, the price of plastic, which benefited from the fall in the price of oil. However, the executive also points as another reason for this increase in profits to the productivity improvements achieved thanks to the strong investment in the renewal of its production lines -with the purchase of six new injection machines-, to the which allocated more than six million euros.

In addition, the company is also digitizing all its processes, towards an industry 4.0 model, and implementing new management models, which have also contributed to these results, according to the executive.

While waiting for the new agreements in the drugstore sector to bear fruit, ITC Packaging has among its main customers large food companies, such as Danone, Nestlé or Pascual, as well as a good number of suppliers of Mercadona, such as Agrícola Villena or Helados Alacant. In this last sector it also serves its packaging to Ice Cream Factory Comaker (ICFC), the former Avidesa, which last year was bought by the Italian group Ferrero.

With its commitment to packaging for detergents and cleaning products, the company wants to increase its sales but also stabilize its production throughout the year, since now it is greatly influenced by the need to concentrate manufacturing in the months of highest demand. of the ice cream sector.

New R + D + i department

Among the milestones of last year, the company highlights that its new logistics center reached 100% performance, or the start-up of an R & D & I department for the development of new materials. Brotons emphasizes that its containers are already 100% recyclable, but now, in addition, they are looking to be compostable and biodegradable. The ibense firm expects to close this year 2020 with a new increase in turnover, despite the consequences of covid-19.

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