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Paco López: “With 25,000 followers the result would have been different”

Levante’s coach, Paco López, during the Copa del Rey Levante-Ahtletic.

The Levante coach, Paco Lopez, he was convinced after being eliminated by Athletic in the semifinal of the Copa del Rey that with 25,000 fans in the stadium, the result would have been different.

“I say it very loudly, due to bad luck or very good luck, they have won the game. Within how the game has developed, although Athletic has had more clear arrivals, the meeting could have opted for either of the two teams, “he said at a press conference. “I think Athletic’s pass is fair, but I think it would not have been unfair for Levante to pass,” he added.

López admitted that it is “a shame” to have stayed so close to the final, but said that “as the hours go by” “more value” will be given to the team’s trajectory in the tournament. “The changing room was touched. I’ve seen some players cry, but I couldn’t be more proud of this team and this squad. It is still a special day and I will always wear it, “said the coach, who said he was” proud “of the” Levantine family. ” “I am convinced that this is going to be a turning point and now we have to continue working,” he said.

López added that they had “casualties and adversities”, but refused to use them to explain the defeat “because it would sound like an excuse.” “There has not been a difference as the budgets can make,” highlighted the Valencian coach, who confessed that in the second part of extra time he saw “more whole” and with more options to score a goal for his team.

Regarding the ownership of Aitor Fernández instead of Dani Cárdenas, he pointed out that it was “a historic day”, that Aitor “also deserved to play” and that since the trust in both is “maximum”, that was not a problem.


Athletic’s coach, Marcelino García Toral, assured that with the victory and his qualification for the final of the Copa del Rey his players “already they have made history “at the club. “In life you have to fight for what is presented. This can happen to you once or twice in your life and you had to take advantage of it, “he said at a press conference. “Luck, success and merits fell on our side. In the general count, although we play with a very good Levante, we reached the final in a deserved way”, He pointed.

The coach said that when they reached the tie to one they began to put the pass on their side. “As time passed, the party was on our side. We were patient and constant and deserving, but I must congratulate Levante because they made an extraordinary semifinal, “he said.

The coach said that the credit for the pass belongs to the players. “They are the true protagonists and those who deserve it are the footballers and the coaches must assume it. We are a tool. We are where we wanted to be thanks to our footballers, “he said. He said that when he signed for Athletic, he knew that he was going to “a historic club” and that it was an option that if he let it pass “surely he would not return” and that he had the option of fighting for three titles.

Marcelino, what apologized for crossing the Levantine bench after his team’s second goal, recommended to the fans “that they enjoy because things have to be lived with passion” and pointed out that they hope to give them “another joy”.

The coach ruled out that the decision that Íñigo Martínez could not play due to suspension has not brought them closer together because “it is impossible that there are situations that unite this team more.” “They are a gang of friends, of colleagues, with an extraordinary atmosphere,” he concluded.

Raul Garcia

For his part, Athletic midfielder Raúl García assured that the key to the pass “more than experience” was based on “trust” they have in the way of playing. “When the game ends we go to the topics, but the team has been serious because Levante has complicated it for us. We know what we are doing and we trust it ”, he stressed. “Despite starting losing, the team deserved to get him out and even though it was in extra time, I’m satisfied. The team has been serious in the situation in which it had to be, “he said at a press conference.

Raúl García said that they should “enjoy” at least during this day but also showed his hope in winning the two finals that lie ahead. “I am happy with the work behind all this,” said the midfielder, who insisted that they must manage not to receive goals. “We know that they are generating us very little and for whatever it is it ends in a goal but the team knows what it has to do and if it does it for ninety minutes, things usually go head-to-head ”, he concluded.


Levante captain José Morales admitted after his team was eliminated that today “is a very hard day” but asked fans to “be proud” as the players are. “I think we have been in the game and an unfortunate play has deprived us of having been able to go to penalties at the end. It is a pity not to have stopped the play before in a foul, “he lamented.

Morales said that they will try to “digest” this blow and that they will continue to “fight for this shield.” “We have to move on,” said the player, who thanked “the enthusiasm” that “the people” have transmitted to them these days and also to the club “for everything they did” for making them participate.

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