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Paper and document shredders: types, differences and buying advice

Nobody goes unnoticed that this type of device is dedicated to destroying paper, but apart from that, there are quite a few users who know much more about them.

It is always important to know the device that we are going to buy, be it a computer, a tablet, a lighter or a shredder, as is the case. What happens is that we are more used to using some of these devices and that is why we do not have any problem when we go to acquire them.

It may be that, to buy the best paper shredder, we will get more headaches if we have never had any or if we do not know for sure what to look for.

Hence everything that we are going to tell you in the next few lines, aimed at finding and taking the best paper shredder to your home or office.

What is a paper shredder?

Paper destruction devices are those devices that dedicate their capabilities to destroy all kinds of paper and documents, and can also carry out their work with harder elements such as cardboard.

The result can be to convert these documents into strips or directly into very small pieces, to prevent them from being rejoined.

Regarding documents to destroy, we are not only talking about paper, but also other different ones such as bank cards, small pieces of metal that go in the papers such as clips or staples, and even other types of material such as compact discs.

types of shredders

We can divide the shredders into two different facets, documents to be destroyed and how they are going to do it.

If we look at the volume of documents that we are going to destroy, we are going to have 3 types of machines:

  • Home (personal use): this shredder is those that are going to be used between 2 and 8 minutes in a row, being able to destroy 12 sheets each time between 5 seconds.

HP OneShred 8CC 2801

  • small office: On this occasion, it is possible to use between 7 to 30 minutes without problems with a destruction volume of 10 to 18 sheets each time.
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Wolverine SD9113

  • Intensive use: if we need 45 continuous minutes and that manages to destroy from 13 to 38 sheets each time.

Rexel 2103500USA

If what we are talking about is the type of cut that the shredder executes, then we must divide them in a different way.

This is called shredder safety rating and we can talk about the following types:

  • Basic security level (DIN P1 and P2): the result is to make it unreadable.
  • Moderate security level (DIN P3): here they will be difficult to reshape and read.
  • Security level High (DIN P4): extremely difficult to rebuild.
  • Mini Cut (DIN P4): court for confidential documents.
  • Microcut (DIN P5): with a cut level such that they are practically impossible to recompose.
  • Maximum security level: (DIN P6 and P7): it is the level used by ministries, governments and secret services.

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What should we consider when buying a shredder?

As is normal to buy the best shredder for us, whether we want it on a personal level, be it for a small office or prefer a more industrial and professional level, we must have some bases with which to know which is the one that best suits what we do. What are we looking for.

These are the technical characteristics that we must assess when buying a paper shredder.

Work cycle

frictionat the moment the shredder does its job, it makes the system heat up and depending on its capacity, it will be able to last more or less time working.

They carry a temperature sensor to avoid exceeding the limit of overheating.

The duty cycle is the time it can work at its maximum constantly destroying documents. This is indicated in minutes and as we have seen before, it is one of the reasons for the division of these devices.

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cutting capacity

As in the previous case, it is also a measurement that is used to differentiate one from another.

This means that we must know how many sheets is it capable of shredding simultaneouslysince the more you can, the less time we are going to use.

The cutting capacity, apart from what we have seen before, can also be expressed by the maximum number of sheets of 70-80 g/sqm that the machine supports. Another thing you should know is that some technical sheets only indicate the admissible thickness by the device (approx. 10 sheets = 1 mm).

In addition, we can also see whether or not they are capable of shredding other types of elements such as staples, clips, bank cards or DVDs.

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Trash capacity

We must also be aware of the size of the trash can, because if it is too small for us, it will force us to empty it at all times.

We must acquire a machine that has a bin thick and deep enough to use without filling every day.

The power

Engine power is extremely important, not only for speed and capacity at which it is capable of crushingbut also has an effect determinant in what is overheating.

The greater the power of the motor, the less likely it will suffer breakdowns due to overheating, in addition to the fact that it will also allow it to be in continuous operation for longer.

Anyway, every shredder has its own ventilation system, so there should not be any problem in this regard, as long as the operating times are respected and its use is not forced.


This is another facet that you can take into account before buying the paper shredder.

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Assuming that everyone is going to make some noisewe should try to get the one that is going to sound less and that is going to bother the least.

A much more than acceptable sound level would be to get one that was in around 20dBalthough it is also true that everything will depend on the category where we have to search due to our budget.

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Another facet to take into account is the speed with which each batch of sheets is shredded. This is obviously important because the more speed it has, the less time we will use this device.

And all this will have repercussions in that it suffers less from friction, heats up less and consumes less energy.

Accessories and warranties

Accessories can also be considered when we want to purchase a shredder.

For example, yes we have wheels we can take her to another room if we need to, if she brings us cleaning brush will make this task easier for us or if it brings light or acoustic indicators to show, for example, that a high level of overheating has been reached.

There may be more accessories at our disposal, as well as different types of guaranteeswhere the one granted to us with respect to the device (minimum 3 years in Spain) and for the blades (usually higher) is also relevant.

With everything we have told you, you can now buy a shredder adapted to what you need and what the use you are going to give it will be.

If you want, you can tell us which one you have decided on on our social networks.

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