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‘Paraíso’, the new Movistar + series shot on the Costa Blanca

The filming of the new Movistar + series 'Paraíso' focuses on the Costa Blanca

The filming of the new Movistar + series ‘Paraíso’ focuses on the Costa Blanca
Movistar +

The series that premieres in Movistar + shows a science fiction world in the Spain of 1992, a thriller inspired by the crimes of the Levante coast of the nineties. ‘Paradise’ has a cast led by Macarena García and Gorka Otxoa who will be involved in a youthful suspense plot shot, in part, in different municipalities of the White shore.

The production carried out by Movistar + and Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio) places its plot in three locations: Madrid, Valencia and Alicante. The filming, which lasted 15 weeks, has been developed in different municipalities of the Costa Blanca such as Benidorm, Altea, Xàbia, Santa Pola, Calpe, L’Alfàs del Pi and the Serra Gelada natural park. An experience that stops Gonzalez Molina It has been like going back to his adolescence: “There are very magical places that are still maintained with a brutal authenticity, with an enormous flavor, aesthetically responding to the collective imagination of the summer place of the gang of friends.”

Among his projects, the director’s main wish is “to bring the filming of the second season of ‘Paradise’”. “The series was designed for one season, although my obsession is to continue with it and for Alicante to be the center of historyIt is deeply visual and full of contrasts ”, says the man from Pamplona.

The filming of the series produced by Movistar + focuses on the Costa Blanca Movistar +

Fernando González Molina (Palmeras in the snow, Three meters above the sky or I have desire for you) is shown as a great lover of the architecture of the Levantine coast, but to create the fictional town of ‘Paraíso’, the director mentions that he has been “a total puzzle, because in the scenes you can see a street in Oliva, it passes through another in El Albir and you end up in Calpe ”. To achieve the atmosphere of the 90s, the “huge” work of art stands out, together with the setting and digital work to erase objects that are out of time and the recovery of others such as the remote control or the PC1.

A journey of seven chapters of 50 minutes, the fiction of Movistar + transports the spectators to the Spain of the Olympics, the ‘expo’ of Seville and the crimes and disappearances of the Levant of the nineties. For this, the director has been inspired by the aesthetics of the television master Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, as well as in the cinema of the time. “It is a laborious and balanced work because nostalgia does not eat up history”, emphasizes González.

‘The A team’, ‘The Fantastic Car’, the ‘V Series’, Mecano or OBK are springs from which ‘Paraíso’ drinks. However, the also creator of ‘Palmeras en la Nieve’ highlights another: “There is a reference that goes further, our own adolescence, since we wanted to awaken the feeling of a seaside town summer vacation ”. A feeling that is reflected in the content, the visual and the narrative. But there is a figure that slows down: Spielberg, as he defines “the great magician.” And it is that, as the filmmaker affirms, his great “obsession” was to be inspired by his way “to create his own universes and make you travel through absolutely unknown places”.

At the stroke of the synthesizer, ‘Paraíso’ arrives as a new project at the national level. A production that competes for the attention of younger consumers of audiovisual platforms. According to González Molina, it is a series that “the adolescent public is going to enjoy since it is about building oneself, being different and fighting for it, about unbreakable friendships and love.” He also comments that for the young viewer “it is very fun to travel to the 90s”, but above all the attraction of the fantastic in the plot: “The fiction of the Spanish is something that has not been seen before”. The creator, along with Ruth García and David Oliva, expresses his enthusiasm for having carried out a project of this nature in Spain, since “little has been done for budget reasons and it is a very big bet”.

The series revolves around the investigation undertaken by a group of young people after the disappearance of three girls from their environment. In the midst of the transition from adolescence to adulthood, the protagonists go through a moment of uncertainty and emotions on the surface, where everything is experienced for the first time. A journey to maturity reflected by a cast of young actors such as Pau Gimeno Y Héctor Gozalbo who were selected from more than 3,000 applicants. A laborious job that has been essential to find the “perfect faces” and that they were the age of the characters. “There is something in the innocence of the gaze of that age that is being lost, we have looked for a new casting, faces that you do not know,” says the filmmaker.

This project represents for González Molina “novelty and uniqueness”. The director is clear that “you see two images and you recognize it, it will hit you in the heart and stomach because it has personality and it is what I think the viewer is looking for”. A series that will at least make you remember what life was like before the pandemic, as the filmmaker compares it: ‘Paraíso’ talks about “sitting down to eat pipes on a curb”.

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