Monday, June 5

Paralyzed the eviction of a family with two minors in the Alicante neighborhood of Carolinas

A family with two children under 24 and 10 months who resides in a apartment owned by Sareb at Carolinas neighborhood will be able to continue in the house for the time being behind the stoppage of eviction that had been ordered by the court at the request of the so-called bad bank. Although the judicial commission and the National Police have appeared in Calle Pelayo in Alicante, where the launch was to take place, and after a few minutes of tension with members of the Sindicat de Barri de Carolines, born to stop this type of action, and with neighbors, the entourage has left without executing the court order after they have verified the family book and the existence of small children.

The 30-year-old mother of this family, who prefers anonymity, explained that “They told us that they were going to evict us but that they didn’t kick us out because of the children. I had to sign a paper about it, that just because of the children they can’t throw me away and I have to go to court to present documentation. I have explained that I do not refuse to pay a rent but they have told me that the flat belongs to Sareb and that nothing can swim there, that it is a bank thing. They have also asked me what I charge”. Receive family support and her husband has a job but no contract. The woman has assured that she has two years on the waiting list for social housing both in the City Council and in the Generalitat.

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Upon arrival, the judicial commission, on behalf of the court ordering the eviction, has indicated the need to go up to the house to assess the situation and if the launch was executed or paralyzed but representatives of the Sindicat de Barri who did not need to go upstairs and who could draw up minutes from the street. Finally the couple has gone down to carry out the paperwork.

In this same block of Sareb another eviction of another family with three minors was planned that the judicial authority had previously stopped. According to the union, Ten families reside in the property, all of them in the same situation, so sooner or later they will receive the notice of eviction, the most imminent on February 8. The entity reports a next attempt to evict a family with minors on Thursday in Colonia Requena. They also recall that Sareb is a bank that has state participation and financing, and of which “the Central Government has recently announced that it will take control of it, continues to leave entire families homeless. This happens without wanting to negotiate an affordable rent with the affected people, despite the fact that they have expressed their willingness to pay one. Despite the government announcement, and the supposed existence of a moratorium on evictions until the end of February, these families see how they want to kick them out of their homes”.

As for the eviction scheduled for Thursday, it will be on Topacio Street in Colonia Requena. It affects, says the Sindicat, a women with two children under 2 years old can stay on the street “by executing a large landlord an eviction against the previous tenant, without giving the truly affected possibility to negotiate a social rent, which she wants. In addition, despite the fact that this family is in a vulnerable situation, it is added that social services They have not responded to this case, because the affected person has not managed to be attended to even once despite their attempts.

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The Sindicat wants to prepare a census of flats affected by this situation but highlights the lack of public information on empty homes and how they are distributed between mutual funds and the bad bank.

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