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Parcel delivery will skyrocket this Christmas as online commerce grows by 30%

Parcel staff and sorting machine.  |  HÉCTOR FUENTES

Parcel staff and sorting machine. | HÉCTOR FUENTES

The upward trend in online commerce since the pandemic began predicts a highly digital Christmas campaign, with an increase in online purchases of 30%, according to industry forecasts, which will trigger the exchange of parcels. More than 4.2 million shipments will be registered in the province from Black Friday y el Cyber Monday (November 27 and 30) until Christmas, 40% more, according to the data handled by the main postal service and delivery companies. These companies will reinforce their logistics, with extension of templates and schedules, to avoid delays or the collapse of the parcel delivery.

E-commerce will grow in all market formats this Christmas, especially thanks to mobile technology. In the case of large commerce, the spokesperson in the Valencian Community of the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (Anged), Joaquín Cerveró, highlighted the studies of consultants that estimate a 30% increase in digital purchases. “What is evident is that the online channel this year has had a very important boost and has come to stay”, said.

The small business calculates the increase in online transactions between 20% (textiles and footwear) and 60% (technology and culture) in the province depending on the sector. “They are going to rise exponentially with respect to the physical demand due to the pandemic and the restrictions on mobility. All that influences. Being limited, without being able to move freely, leads to shopping by mobile phone, “said the general secretary of the small and medium-sized business employer, Francisco Rovira. This, in turn, will have a “brutal” impact on parcels and couriers. «It is the only sector where employment will be generated. This will not be the case in commerce, where a lot was hired for Black Friday, Christmas and Kings. They have enough to maintain templates ».

Among delivery companies, Correos Express, for example, incorporates new infrastructures to improve its sorting capacity by forecasting an increase in order volume of 30.7%, that is, 1.7 million shipments.

Parcel delivery will skyrocket this Christmas as online commerce grows by 30%

The MRW company will move about one million packages through its 24 branches in the province. Toni Arques, delegate of one of the branches in Alicante, affirms that his office alone will manage about 800 daily shipments. “During the pandemic we had 20% more, it was exaggerated, a flood that was not easy to deal with. For Christmas, the central already told us that we should be making a forecast in terms of staff of 30% more ». Such is the burden on some days that the same delegate goes out to distribute. «Next week the strong begins with Black Friday and connects with Christmas. You have to try to meet the forecasts.

Seur prepares its infrastructures to attend a flood of 1.2 shipments as it expects a growth of 50%. The strongest delivery day is Tuesday since most e-commerce purchases are made on weekends and on Mondays the items arrive on the platforms. The increase in online purchases will exponentially increase returns.

“Puig generates fear in shops and bars in Alicante”

The vice mayor and mayor of Tourism, Mari Carmen Sánchez, yesterday accused Puig of “generating uncertainty in the tourism sector of Alicante” due to the president’s call for the early Christmas purchase without specifying the measures they are going to adopt. “We cannot generate fear because neither the hospitality industry, nor the commerce nor the tourism sector can be further damaged by irresponsible statements that increase the fear of citizens.”

A new machine capable of classifying 10,000 packages per hour

Correos launches a parcel sorting machine at its automated processing center in Alicante capable of sorting 10,000 parcels per hour. This machine has involved an investment of more than one million euros, “to strengthen the classification capacity in the Community, especially in the province of Alicante, and in the region of Murcia.” The device can classify shipments between 20 grams and 10 kilos, which enter the circuit through eight feeding positions of a machine that measures 70 linear meters and with 106 outputs. It also performs a barcode reading by camera, including weighing and volumetric measurement of each shipment. In this logistics center a million shipments of different formats are classified per day. In the case of parcels, it is received mainly through the Madrid and Barcelona airports, and on board trucks from Paris. The articles arrive from all over the world through the business of the large electronic commerce platforms, although 80% have their origin in China. “The health crisis of covid-19 has highlighted the relevance of the logistics sector as an essential channel to provide society with essential products and to supply articles related to leisure, training or work for citizens” , they point out from the Post Office.

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