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Pardo Geijo, best penalista in Spain

The famous criminal lawyer Raúl Pardo Geijo, practicing in Alicante and Associate in Murcia, has obtained unanimously the award for the best national court lawyer in the criminal field for the prestigious legal editorial Client Choice, achieving for the 2020/2021 season up to 11 relevant international institutions this same recognition.

Premio “Criminal Defense & White Collar Crime”

Pardo Geijo is a deputy of the Criminal Law Section of the Murcia Bar Association, member of the European Bar Association and collegiate criminal in Murcia where for decades he has been considered the best criminal lawyer.

He has once again added for the 2020/2021 season – specifically on November 18 -, in addition to the previous one, another success to his bulky legal curriculum: it has been awarded by editorial “Best Lawyers”, the oldest in the world of Law, the award-winning category being “Criminal Defense & White Collar Crime”. In addition, it has turned out to be the only criminal lawyer of the year appointed in 2020.

Along with the renowned Client Choice award, the latter is another of the most important that a lawyer can obtain internationally. Thus, it is a jury made up of legal experts is the one who, after a intense voting, determines which lawyer from each country should be distinguished and which, in addition to the above, is considered as the best in every legal matter.

Pardo Geijo with the former secretary of RTVV before declaring in the Gurtel case

For several years Raúl Pardo Geijo has been the most awarded lawyer both national (De Ley, Institute of Professional Excellence, European Association for Economics and Competitiveness, El Suplemento, Foro Europeo Cum Laude, among others) as internationally, in his consideration of lawyer in criminal matters.

In addition, the quality of the institutions that award it (of course all for free) is of the most solvent worldwide: Global Law Experts, Global Awards, European Legal Awards, Global 100, Law Awards, Gold Awards, Global Business Magazine, Corporate Love Wire, Global Excellence Awards, Corporate INTL, Global Edition de Best Lawyers o la mismísima Leaders in Law (another of the most important in the sector) are entities that, for the year 2021, have also granted the award for the best criminal lawyer in Spain for their contributions in the province of Alicante, whose legal resolutions are fed by the members of the jury that make them up.

Court cases in Alicante

Practicing throughout Spain, Pardo Geijo has assumed the most complex matters in the province Alicante, such as the well-known corruption case of the Mayor of San Fulgencio and 13 councilors, who were acquitted. According to judicial sources, the next trial, scheduled for 2021, refers to the plot “Operation Sakura”, a powerful Japanese multinational where corruption, drugs, fraud, falsehoods and criminal organization of numerous Civil Guards of the province of Alicante.

Pardo Geijo with Senator Pilar Barreiro before his arrival at the Supreme Court

It also highlights the controversial case of irregular concessions of public contracts, where the lawyer has recently appeared before the request for more than 4 years in prison the main accused businessman; or the largest operation in front of the Public Treasury of the Valencian Community and Murcia (in the form of fraud of the carousel) whose lawyer represents those considered as leaders.

On the other hand, he has recently assumed the defense of one of the Benidorm police officers, who testified on November 12 before that Court, for hate crime, moral integrity and omission of duty to prosecute crimes for the harassment of two people transsexuals, known, along with another of its members, as the “band of Avatars.”

Cases of Pardo Geijo in Spain

Already, at the national level, the numerous acquittals achieved on those involved that he has represented in cases as notorious as Gurtel, RTTV, Bullion, Punic, Malaya, Tosca, Opera, Acal, Umbra, Himosa, Chase, Zaigest, Ghost, Red Thunder, Lancelot, Ghost, Ness, Askea, Fame, Suculenta, Black Glass, Abaia, Straperlo or Ninette, the deputy and senator of the Party recently being acquitted before the Supreme Court Popular P.BA to which more than 5 crimes were attributed, among which was that of embezzlement, fraud and prevarication, and many others, along with the previous Senator, in the so-called “Novo Cartago Case”, the latter also with a favorable result in the High Court.

The lawyer Pardo Geijo stands out for his legal successes, which has led to them being presented to him every day legal matters criminals in his office, many of them from the Valencian Community and highly mediatic.

On November 27, he will again show a critical speech in front of the regulation of criminal justice in Spain in the event of Shangai por la Swiss Chinese Law Association for the awards international in each of the matters that make up the law.

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