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Parental control on Nintendo Switch: what it is and how to activate it

Parental control on Nintendo Switch: what it is and how to activate it

The fashion console that both children and adults want to have is the Nintendo Switch. With it children can have fun through educational and instructive games.

But leaving a console to our children with which they can access other games that include violence or inappropriate content can be dangerous. For this reason, Nintendo Switch offers the control parental so that we can monitor children’s activity with this console and so that we can also limit a time of use.

What functionalities does parental control have on Nintendo Switch?

There are three main options offered by the parental control of Nintendo Switch:

Time control

We have several options to set a time limit on the console. We can set a limit of hours or minutes to play and that once that time is exceeded, the console can no longer be used. We also have the option “Suspend program” so that when the set time is up, the game will stop. On the other hand, you can set a good night alarm, that is, we can specify that after 9:00 p.m. the console cannot be used until the next day.

Restrict games and content

Depending on the age of the children, we can select what level of restriction we put on the console. If we customize the level of restriction, we can prevent images from being shared on social networks or not allow children to communicate with other people online. Likewise, we can restrict content and games according to the PEGI classification and select those games that we want to have parental control and others that are free of it, although the time limits continue to apply.

Enter password

A specific password can be set to enable and disable parental control.

How can I activate parental controls on Nintendo Switch?

The first step to take is to download the parental control application on Nintendo Switch on the Android or iOS marketplaces.

Nintendo Switch Parental Control download application on Play Store

With the application downloaded, a screen will open where we have to click on the “Continue” option to log in or create an account. Here we must enter the email and password of our Nintendo account.

We must log in to link our mobile with the console

Next, we must choose the user of our account. Although the Nintendo Switch allows you to have and play with different users, parental control does not apply to a single user, but to all those on the console. So if we want to play a game that is not allowed for children, we must deactivate parental control.

In order to link the app with the console, it will ask us to enter the code that appears on the mobile on the Nintendo Switch.

Steps to follow to activate parental control

To do this, we must turn on the Nintendo Switch, go to “Console Settings”, select “parental control” and then “parental control settings”.

Parental control on the console can be found in “Settings”

When clicking, a screen will appear in which we must select “If you have already downloaded the application” to be able to enter the code that came in the mobile app.

We must enter the code to link parental control

After this, they will tell us if we want to link the Nintendo Switch Parental Control app with our user and we must click yes.

By accepting we will already have the parental control linked

Once this is done, we will have the parental control activated and from our mobile we can apply the supervision we prefer: time limit; gaming restriction …

Nintendo Switch console interface with parental control enabled

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