Saturday, September 24

Parents and teachers file four lawsuits to stop multilingualism

«With these cases, which represent the vast majority, we have covered all those legitimate interests that we want to attack of multilingualism, a law that goes against the fundamental rights of the education of our children in the Valencian Community “, said the lawyer Juan Chapapría, who explained that” the commitment of teachers and Parents was not an ordago that was going to simply remain in administrative route, although the Administration thought that it was going to be undermining his will ».

“It is the result of the lack of attention to the replacement resources that we had presented,” said Miguel Ángel Robles, from the Teachers’ Platform, who defined a “feat” as “processing more than a thousand appeals in record time”, of which, added Chapapría, “only about 280 (25%) have had a response from the Ministry, with a negative solution, while the rest obtained administrative silence without having deigned to answer.” In this sense, he recalled that “behind each resource there are parents and students, a figure close to 4,000 Valencians from the region.”

Pain and social fracture

Robles regretted that it is the courts that have to become the ones that protect educational freedom against the «objective of the Valencian Government, with Ximo Puig at the head: linguistic immersion, imitating the Catalan model that so much failure, pain and fracture in society is producing. It’s more, «In the image and likeness of what happens in the Basque Country and in Catalonia»According to the teacher, “the pressures on our children, students and teachers in general continue to increase.” As an example, he cited “threats in class for our children to speak Valencian at recess”, as well as «The problems to request the exemption in Valencian». Even, he pointed out, “in the second year of high school they are told that their average grade is going to drop if they do not take the Valencian exams despite being exempt.”

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In his opinion, in Vega Baja “an education model is being imposed that annuls the rights of students and robs them of their mother tongue, the main instrument of learning.” In addition, he stated that “that linguistic immersion makes the contents little less than a wordlist enum». For this reason, Chapapría warned that they are protected by “both the Constitution and the autonomy statute of the Valencian Community, which includes the characteristics of the Vega Baja, and is the one that we are going to enforce in court to the last consequences”, because , «Valencian is neither our language nor a conductive vehicle for teaching».

Faced with “this prevailing nationalism,” they have had to become “social heroes,” commented Robles. «They play with our fatigue and our limited resources. It costs a lot of financial and personal effort, ”said the teacher, who thanked those who have helped so that the economic cost does not fall on parents who have dared to go against the Valencian Government. In a month they have raised around 9,000 euros, “a more enthusiastic response than we thought, with contributions from outside the Community.”

“As a mother I have decided to take that step forward,” said Mayca Padilla, who He claimed to do so “on behalf of the families of the Vega Baja. Parents feel reinforced because there are many of us. We are a region “, at the same time that he regretted that funds are allocated to this issue when” we have overcrowded classrooms. ” “It is a pity that languages ​​have become a weapon for ideological struggles that do nothing but divide,” he concluded.


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