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Parents ask for stability in the teaching staff before withdrawing the recovery in ESO

He emphasizes that the current results are not satisfactory, as the institute directors consulted on the matter also underline, “because he who repeats gets bored and abandons», But it affects the fact that there is a pending recovery among all the students as a result of the three months that the centers were closed due to the pandemic, added to that of the ESO students who only went to class on alternate days.

“He who repeats gets bored and gives up, but I’m waiting for the fine print of the norm”

Txomin Angós – President of FAPA Enric Valor


“This is very serious, it will take years to get out of this pandemic at an educational level, and although repeating does not serve neither now nor 40 years ago, the small print of the regulations is what matters, the complementary measures, and those must be seen “, Angós abounds without the intention of criticizing but of using” common sense ” .

From the parents’ confederation, Covapa, its president Sonia Terrero agrees that education is being devalued at forced marches and that, instead of benefiting the students and bequeathing the Pisa reports for adequate learning, «data without values ​​are being uploaded added to studies to earn approval on their own merits and not for a gift.

Covapa is totally opposed to eliminating the June recoveries in Secondary, considering it a “national shame.” Terrero explains, like Angós, that education is something “very serious” and that “you cannot play with these issues”, but he disagrees from the moment he defends that the exams are kept.

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«Of course there must be make-up exams, our children deserve it because it means the boost that can be given to those who find it harder to pass, striving with some subjects and leaving others for recovery, or because they have had problems and must recover, ”he insists.

“Without exams the law of least effort is favored, a society of uneducated and thugs”

Sonia Terrero – President of the COVAPA Confederation


He is betting that the repechage will not disappear in ESO, but he does consider that «we must all get involved in society because education is the best possible, to give our children the greatest benefits and teaching them the values ​​that are effort, work and effort. approved that you have earned with your merits ».

Extremely critical, Terreno concludes that eliminating recovery favors “the law of least effort”, which will cause “a society of uneducated and thugs.”

The teachers consider mostly positive, on the other hand, that the Ministry of Education is committed to suppressing the June exams because they assure from the institutes that the results have not improved compared to those they had when it recovered in September, in addition to examining the students fifteen days after finishing the course they see it as nonsense.

However, while in centers with a majority of students with economic and social difficulties they are more likely to return to the September exams, as indicated by institutes locateds in the most depressed area of ​​Alicante, or at the Cavanilles Institute, among others, the rest are committed to reinforcing support for students as opposed to multiplying exams that historically do not give the best result.

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“In two weeks of exams after finishing the course there are no miracles, it was more logical before”

Rafael Herrero – Director of the Cavanilles Institute


«Browse the complete course 15 days after finishing doesn’t make much sense. I believe that it is necessary to establish reinforcement and support plans for those students with the greatest educational needs, aimed at making all students progress », points out the director of the Mare Nostrum Institute of Alicante.


Although they admit that they are measures that are being carried out, they also insist that “resources must be increased” to achieve their real effectiveness. As they perceive in centers in the beach area, some procedure should be established to reinforce students with difficulties because traditional exams do not see it as the most pedagogically appropriate for them.

At the IES San Vicente they also consider that the continuous evaluation that the suppression of recoveries gives way “supposes a change of approach, but it is coherent”, as the director, Joaquín Pastor, assesses.

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