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Parents of minor accused of starring in Michigan shooting show no remorse, sheriff revealed

The couple tried to escape and were found in a Detroit art studio.

Photo: Oakland County Sheriff / EFE

The parents of suspected Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley have shown “no remorse” since they were charged in connection with the massacre of four students. from a high school last week, the local sheriff confirmed.

“James and Jennifer Crumbley have seemed very ‘surly’ in their separate sections at the Oakland County Jail,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard pointed out to MSNBC on Saturday.

“They are not talking to us much. We haven’t seen any regrets, ”Bouchard said.

Ethan Crumbley’s parents They were arrested Saturday after they tried to escape and were found in an art studio in Detroit.

Both were arrested for allegedly supplying their son with a recently purchased 9mm pistol, which he used to carry out the mass shooting, knowing the signs that warned of a violent episode due to his behavior, The New York Post noted.

The couple were accused of withholding information from officials when they were summoned to the school to discuss disturbing drawings that a teacher discovered on Ethan’s desk on the day of the fatal shooting.

According to the reports, James and Jennifer withdrew $ 4,000 in cash from an ATM and turned off their phones after their son’s arrest before running away, reseñó The Sun.

So far, police have identified a person of interest who allegedly helped the couple hide before the capture on Saturday, The Sun noted.

The 15-year-old boy starred in a Nov.30 shooting at Oxford High School in Oakland County, Michigan, in which four people were killed and seven wounded.

Ethan Crumbley approached the high school before 1:00 pm and started shooting. He was later arrested and the 9mm pistol his parents gave him was recovered.

Before the disconcerting moment, the students were relocated to a nearby store to reunite with their families. 25 agency and around 60 ambulances responded to the tragic event.

“Oxford High School students and staff were systematically evacuated to the Meijer Garden Center and can be picked up there. All students with their own transportation have been allowed to leave. All other schools in the district are closed for safety reasons and are not in danger“Said the educational institution in a statement.

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