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Parents of young people from Córdoba: “Why are there only students in the covid hotel in Mallorca?”

Concentration of parents at the door of the Córdoba City Hall.

Concentration of parents at the door of the Córdoba City Hall.

“Why are there only young students in the covid hotel in Mallorca?” That is one of the questions that is most repeated among parents in Córdoba with children held on the island despite having traveled with negative tests from home and having also given negative results in the tests carried out before the forced quarantine. “In the hotels where they are, there were many foreign adults, Spanish … and only our children and without parental authorization have been taken to that hotel “, explains Carmen Castillejo, mother of a student at IES Góngora.” The answer is clear because they have abused the goodwill of the kids to take them away at dawn, deceived, promising them that they would do a PCR and if it came out negative they could leave “. And that despite the fact that the chronology indicates that there is something that does not add up.” The macro-bottle held in the bullring of Mallorca, authorized by the Ministry of the Balearic Islands, It took place days before our group arrived on the island, so we do not understand who they are supposed to have been in close contact with if they weren’t even in the focus of contagion, “says another parent,” we don’t know where it is supposed to be. have been contagious and if it has been in the hotels where they reside, Why do tourists continue to arrive and the facilities have not been quarantined? “

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“If my son is negative, give it back to me”

“If my son is negative, let them return it to me and if he is positive, tell me now to catch a flight to Mallorca. “It is the desperate cry of Luisa Gómez, another of the mothers who has concentrated this Tuesday in the Cordoba City Council to try to meet with the mayor and ask that he somehow mediate with the Balearic Government to obtain information about what is happening at the Palma Bellver hotel in Mallorca, where almost 80 students from Cordoba, according to the Ministry of Health, have been held since the last June 25, after the existence of a macro outbreak of coronavirus was known. “They were taken deceived, by ambulance, to do a test and there they continue without having been repeated the test”, Gómez explains, “my son and his entire group from the British School tested negative, except for one, and they continue to be held and, as far as we know, they will not repeat it until July 4 or 5”. According to Luisa, they have been very concerned for days about the situation of the minors and about the injustice that is being committed “without any kind of justification.”

Luisa Gómez, a nurse by profession, comments that the kids, as far as they know, are confined in this hotel “where there are no medical personnel, only those who are going to do PCR, so they are neglected.” They are also concerned that modus operandi that has continued puts the health of those who tested negative at risk. “This is not a pregnancy test, it is a test about an infection that can be very serious and yet, when our children were taken out of the hotel in ambulances at two in the morning, they were confined two by two in rooms without know who was infected or not, “he stresseda, “if there is no certainty that they are not positive, why not isolate them?”

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Luisa, like other parents consulted, regrets the different treatment that is being given to young people compared to the rest of the tourists who are on the island. “Young people have been taken deceived, as infected, while Majorca hotels are still full of tourists and not even the monitors who have traveled with them are in the same hotel, as if being adults made them immune to COVID, “she says indignantly.

Enrique Marín, father of a British student, points out that they have gone to the City Council to request an interlocutor with the Balearic administration. “When we announced that we were reporting the criminal issue, they called some parents, but we need a channel of communication.” For all of them, “the return of our children is key, we want to know what to do, to have them tested in case there is a new positive that is isolated from those who test negative and when they are expected to return.”

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