Tuesday, January 25

Pasapalabra: A contestant, forced to apologize after a huge mistake: “I got confused”

The presenter Roberto Leal in 'Pasapalabra'.

The presenter Roberto Leal in ‘Pasapalabra’.

Maybe a silly confusion, Maybe the nerves of the moment. But, of all, all, a terrible mistake: that of confusing a minister with a singer. That was the “sin” of Roi Mendez, former participant of ‘Triumph operation‘, on ‘Pass word‘. The singer quoted Pedro Duque, Minister of Science and the first Spanish astronaut, as an interpreter who represented Spain in Eurovision. As the former partner of Amaia and Aitana Ocaña clarified in their social networks, the one who really wanted to refer to was the artist Pedro Marin. However, he also never sang at the European Song Festival. The matter has generated numerous jokes through social networks that Méndez has fitted with a great sense of humor.

After the broadcast of the program, Roi Méndez, with a good dose of humor, wrote the following message on his official Twitter account: “I just said in ‘Pasapalabra’ that Pedro Duque represented Spain in Eurovision. I got confused with Pedro Marín, who did not represent Spain in Eurovision either, “wrote the young Galician singer.

After the message, the jokes of his followers did not wait. “I propose that we pass you a list of people who have never represented Spain in Eurovision: Pau Gasol“, the comedian replied with joke Angel Martin. “What a fabric, I piss”, he also signed Blas Cantó, last Spanish representative in the continental festival of song. “Pedro, what are you telling me?” Added the presenter Monica Carrillo. One of the funniest was released by the presenter of the program Roberto Leal: You missed saying hello to Pedro Flintstone“.

And so with endless messages, which helped to take away the iron from the matter and which surely comforted Méndez after the dismissal. For sure, after this gazapo Roi Méndez has continued to enjoy his time on the program. And it is that the ex of ‘OT’ is having a great time in the contest presented by Roberto Leal. Proof of this is that he has filled the wall of his social networks with clips from his time on the program. During the broadcasts he is also seen in very good harmony with all the participants.

Roi Méndez was one of the contestants on the return of ‘Triumph operation‘. In addition to his good voice and singing style, he stood out for being one of the most charismatic participants. His sense of humor earned him the affection of his opponents and also a good part of the audience. Since then, the Galician has struggled to gain a foothold and consolidate himself in the tough music industry.


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