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Passengers saw subject rape a woman on a Pennsylvania train, but no one reported the incident

The incident on a SEPTA train occurred late Wednesday night.

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In Pennsylvania, a subject was arrested and charges rape and assault after a woman was sexually assaulted aboard a train on Wednesday night, in the presence of several passengers who did not intervene or report the situation to 911.

The incident occurred around 11:00 pm (local time) while the woman was traveling on the line Market-Frankford from Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) that was heading to the city of Upper Darby, authorities reported Friday.

Andrew Busch, spokesperson for SEPTA, reported in a statement that “The assault was observed by a SEPTA employee who called 911, allowing officers to respond immediately and detain the suspect on the spot.”

Upper Darby Police Superintendent, Timothy Bernhardt, reported that authorities arrested a 35-year-old man identified as Son Ngoy.

Through surveillance video, the assault was captured, which helped facilitate the investigation and gather the necessary evidence to make the accusation against Ngoy for rape and assault, Bernhardt told NBC Filadelfia.

In addition, Bernhardt He expressed his dissatisfaction because it was found that the passengers inside the transport unit viewed the violent episode with indifference without doing anything about it.

“It is disturbing. I am in shock, I have no words for this. I just can’t imagine seeing what they were seeing through their eyes; see what this woman was going through without anyone intervening and helping her “, lament Bernhardt.

He added that investigators are reviewing the videos in order to obtain the identities of the people who witnessed the sexual abuse and to interview potential witnesses, and urged that these people contact the authorities.

Bernhardt pointed out in statements to NBC Filadelfia who had spoken with the victim on Friday and told her that she was fine after being transferred to a hospital to receive treatment for the injuries caused by Ngoy.

Nonetheless, Bush stressed the indifference of the passengers by not helping the victim with a call to 911, while urging on behalf of SEPTA that anyone who observes a similar act report the incident to the authorities.

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