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Patrolling from workshop to workshop

One of the oldest vehicles serving the province.  |  INFORMATION

One of the oldest vehicles serving the province. | INFORMATION

If they had to pay tribute to the most veteran vehicles of the Civil Guard in the province of Alicante, part of the honors would probably be for a 2002 Nissan Terrano. This is one of the fifteen vehicles of the Alicante Command whose annual expenses of maintenance exceeds 6,000 euros each.

According to the data of a resolution of the General Directorate of the Civil Guard, provided by the Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) in Alicante, the maintenance of official vehicles in the Alicante province involved an expense of 843,155 euros in 2018, 750,909 euros in 2019 and this year the cost was around 600,000 euros.

This high cost of more than 2.1 million euros, in the opinion of the AUGC, represents “a terrible management of the money that citizens contribute to the Civil Guard for the maintenance of official vehicles, in addition to exposing citizens and agents to unnecessary dangers. ‘

A broken down patrol car with battery problems. | INFORMATION

AUGC complaint

The complaints of the AUGC by the shortage of means of the Civil Guard in Alicante are not new, but the association assures that the current situation “besides being lamentable is already almost unsustainable”. This group affirms that the fleet of vehicles is low and there are agents who must carry out their patrol services in “authentic tartanas”.

Many of the vehicles suffer constant breakdowns and the fact that the cars are immobilized or are being repaired in workshops “It is causing the agents to be appointed on foot services in certain units due to the lack of vehicles to carry out citizen security patrols”, says the AUGC, which ensures that even 1998 vehicles are in operation.

An example of the old fleet of the Civil Guard is that 94 vehicles of the Alicante Command have not successfully passed the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) this year, especially due to poor lighting, brakes, windows, tires and damping. as recognized by the Government itself in a parliamentary response to several Vox deputies in Congress.

The Civil Guard of Traffic staff does have a more modern fleet, according to the AUGC, which specifies that its vehicles are financed by the General Directorate of Traffic.

The Government has also revealed that in the Alicante Command there are 109 vehicles that are over fifteen years old and 86 are over 300,000 kilometers. He admits that the renewal of the fleet is “cannot be postponed” and explains that there is a program of action from this year so that in 2028 the Civil Guard will have “an updated and modernized vehicle template” throughout the country.

The AUGC calls on the General Directorate of the Civil Guard to use the National Police renting system, so that vehicles destined for citizen security services can be renewed when they have traveled 200,000 kilometers. This system would avoid operating cars almost two decades old and curb excessive current spending to repair breakdowns, the association indicates. The renewal of the fleet would reduce, at least, that many vehicles were no longer patrolling from workshop to workshop.

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