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Paula Echevarra: “I don’t want to mess with professional influencers, but in life you have to have a base”


After three years of hiatus due to the pandemic and her motherhood, the Asturian actress returns to the sector with ‘True Story’ on Prime Video

Paula Echevarra.
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When the world is stopped by a pandemic, Paula Echevarra (Candís, Asturias, 1977) the Covid left her without the project that lay ahead. When everything returned to (not) normal, her second pregnancy kept her away from filming again. She has been away from the cameras for three years, but not from work. Because her fashion brand, her perfume line, and her facet of influencers They continued at full capacity. Not like the actress Since I became a mother, it has been very difficult for me to get away from home and start again..

And finally she has done it as one of the protagonists of true story, the Prime Video program halfway between fiction and reality and with difficulty defining it in a genre. Now I want to do different things and have fun, really.

Departing from this world was it personal or due to a lack of projects?
Lack of projects that I could reconcile with my life because almost all of them spent two months in Colombia, Budapest or Istanbul. And I neither can’t nor want to leave because I have a teenage daughter and a baby, I didn’t feel empowered. Now I am analyzing another strange fiction that he has proposed to me because it is shot in Madrid.
Is it still difficult to be a mother and combine it with a job like acting?
In my case, not because I am a woman, because of my personal tastes. No one has hindered me from working and my situation at home is favourable, it is my preference. I put the obstacles to not go outside, not the condition of being a woman and mother.
And the fear that is always said that they do not call you exists?
I don’t even think about it, I am very fond of living from day to day. Being a woman paralyzes you and not being a man, but I have enjoyed my pregnancies without the anxiety that they would not call me. On the contrary, now that I’ve given birth I take it very calmly and they keep knocking at the door. I have not felt the lack of empathy for being a woman.
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And he can’t stop gesturing or moving on the chair with each response he gives off. It was that concern that led her to try as an actress at the age of 23 and end up staying. I am not good for a job where monotony reigns, that will consume me because of my way of being and living.

This too has the double game of uncertainty.
I haven’t spent a moment without working because I have my fashion and perfume line that gives me financial stability and I can refuse to go to the other side of the world for two months to record. I have many open fronts, but they give me stability, schedules and allow me to take my children to school and pick them up every day.
Paula Echevarr
Paula Echevarra.

From that exposure and from a separation from the singer David Bustamante also led to a media persecution with papparazzi behind her at the door of her house, at her daughter Daniela’s school and in every corner of her life. If I remember, I still feel the horror. Those who have never experienced it will never think that it was not such a big deal, but by trying it one day they will understand. I felt uncomfortable and very vulnerable. And that I am of strong character, but I saw myself vulnerable and harassed.

And what do you plan to do at that moment? Vanish?
I wanted the earth to swallow me up, I considered going to live in the United States because I couldn’t take it any longer.
And now, however, you are very active in networks where it is easy to feel observed again.
I have a good balance between personal and work because I set the limit. From that persecution what made me feel most vulnerable was when I went with my daughter, I felt bad because I had to suffer leaving school and that there were 12 photographers at the gate that were pointing at her. That was already a higher grade.
You have to explain to these young people the danger of the networks and that not all of them are going to be influencers?
There are many young guys who are earning money for taking four videos and four photos, but fashions change and in life you have to be something. I don’t want to mess with anyone influencers by profession, but in life you have to be something and have a foundation because tomorrow we don’t know if that will still exist.
Imagine having caught that world with 15-16 years too.
I understand it perfectly, but we adults are here to remind you that fashions come and go. 10 years ago a blog in a fashion magazine was the most and now they are dead and in another 10 there will be other things and maybe they will advance with it, but studies and basic preparation are always important.
How much self-censorship is practiced when each photo or comment of yours is news?
Nothing, there are times when I do not give my opinion, but not because they are going to turn me green, but because you have to be prudent and being another public figure. I don’t like brainwashing or sentencing with my opinion. I give you my opinion sitting here, but I don’t want to influence something important.
I guess you get a lot of opinions, especially on the physical part.
All the time and especially when I’m too skinny. That is what I mean by being prudent because I was pregnant, I gained 29 kilos and I did not feel the hate of being fat. But it doesn’t matter because the one who tells me I’m fat disrespects me as much as the one who tells me I’m too thin. What do you know how I am? If I, even if I don’t do it because I don’t know, I can pimp the photo you are seeing.
And that a psychological problem can be generated for someone.
People have very little tact because there are people who want to lose weight and can’t and people who don’t get fat even if they eat five cows. Everyone assumes that chubby people puff up buns and skinny people don’t eat. And no.
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