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PayPal says goodbye to one of its best advantages: it will stop reimbursing the cost of returns

Over the years, PayPal has proven to be a good alternative for making payments online. On many occasions, its security mechanisms allow us to avoid headaches. One of them, called reimbursement of return costshis days are numbered.

The company has announced that it will say goodbye to this system that allowed you to request free shipping labels or recover money from products returned to the seller. Reimbursement of return costs will no longer be available on November 27.

Goodbye to one of the best advantages of PayPal

Buying through the Internet may not always turn out as expected. the product received may not conform to what is stated in the publication or may be defective. In this type of situation, the most logical thing is usually to return the product to the seller, but not all e-commerce platforms offer free shipping.

Amazon does allow us to return products for free, but many other platforms do not. In this sense, if we make the payment with PayPal we have the possibility of ask for the money back that we have spent to send the defective product by completing a form and including the receipt with the amount paid.

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Reimbursement of return costs, as you may know if you have ever used it, has some limitations such as the limit of 30 euros per refund request and the possibility of receiving no more than 12 refunds per year. In any case, this advantage will no longer be available on November 27 for all users.

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PayPal has begun to notify customers with an email recommending that they take this change into account and remember that Buyer Protection service will continue to be available.

Our Return Cost Reimbursement service is coming to an end. As of November 27, 2022, PayPal will no longer accept return shipping refund requests.

Be sure to submit any eligible refund request by the date listed above to ensure the claim is accepted. And remember that PayPal Buyer Protection will continue to be available on eligible purchases. To learn more about what qualifies, click here.

If you have any questions, visit our Help Center for more information. Thank you for being a PayPal customer.



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In relation to the reasons why it is going to stop offering this service, PayPal says that it constantly updates and develops new functions for its users. “Sometimes, as part of these big changes, some services need to be phased out“, they explain.

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