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Pedophile Epstein also tarnishes Bill Gates’ reputation

Melinda and Bill Gates, in Davos, in 2015.

Melinda and Bill Gates, in Davos, in 2015.

The tentacles of the sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein they are everywhere. Two years after the financier committed suicide in prison after being convicted of child sex trafficking, his name continues to stain like a sinister stigma to the personalities of the financial, political and business world that he cultivated in life. Bill Gates He is the last to be affected by the relationship he had with Epstein, whom he would have visited in his mansions in New York and Palm Beach, where the New York pedophile exploited adolescent women after initially recruiting them as masseurs. ‘The Wall Street Journal’ published on Sunday that this relationship would have been one of the reasons for the marriage breakdown between the father of Microsoft and his wife Melinda Gates.

The couple announced their divorce last week., wielding that their relationship is “hopelessly broken” after 27 years of marriage. “We have stopped believing that we can continue to grow together as a couple in the next stage of our lives,” they said in a statement. The world reacted with surprise to the separation, which opens up some questions about the future of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the most powerful philanthropic organization in the world, but the rupture had been brewing since at least 2019, according to the New York newspaper. It was around this time that Melinda began to explore the divorce with her attorneys, resolved in an apparently amicable way with the division of assets.

Although the details of the breakup have not emerged, the ‘Journal’ maintains that Melinda’s “one of the concerns” It was the relationship that her husband had with Epstein, whom he would have met in 2011, three years after the financier was convicted in Florida of soliciting prostitution services from a minor and joining the list of sexual offenders. That first meeting took place in Epstein house in Manhattan, a date also attended by the former Swedish model Eva Andersson-Dubin and his 15-year-old daughter, whom the pedophile would have raped in the Virgin Islands, according to the testimony of one of the witnesses who testified at Epstein’s trial.

A day after their first meeting, which lasted for eight hours, Gates sent a message to those close to you celebrating Epstein’s charm and intelligence. “A very attractive Swedish woman and her daughter appeared there, and I ended up staying up quite late,” wrote the Microsoft founder, according to ‘The New York Times’. Then several more meetings would arrive in the residences of the financier, who dedicated himself to accumulating a copious agenda of contacts among the world jet set, from politicians such as Bill Clinton to royal figures like him Prince Andrew of England, billionaire investors like Leon Black or Nobel laureates like Frank Wilczek.

Gates denies a friendship relationship

Gates has downplayed those contacts. “I met him, but I did not have any business or friendship relationship with him, ”he said in 2019 in an interview. But according to the ‘Times’ the relationship between the two transcended casual encounters. Shortly after that first date, they met again on a conference in California and, in May 2011, Gates returned to Epstein’s New York mansion. From that night there is one smiling photography, in which the former Secretary of the Treasury also appears, Larry Summers, a senior position of JP Morgan, and the Microsoft executive, Boris Nikolic, one of the people who would have acted as an intermediary between Gates and Epstein.

At the time, the Gates Foundation and JP Morgan were negotiating a collaboration agreement to create a investment fund dedicated to financing public health projects around the world, according to the New York newspaper, and from the bank it was suggested that Epstein be included in its organization chart, who would have proposed to get investors in exchange for a commission. The Gates Foundation became interested in the proposal and ended up sending a team of advisers to Epstein’s mansion. During that meeting, the financier told them that they should not be scared by their criminal record. Far from cutting off the relationship, Gates and his foundation kept in touch.

Travel on the ‘Lolita Express’

In 2013 the philanthropist accompanied Epstein to his Palm Beach mansion on the latter’s private jet. now known as the ‘Lolita Express’. And six months later they met again for dinner in New York. And so on until October 2014, when the foundation donated $ 2 million to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a donation that, according to internal university documents obtained by the ‘Times’, was “Directed” by Epstein himself.

Since then the relationship has cooled down. “Over time Gates and his team realized that the Epstein’s abilities and ideas were not legitimate and the contacts stopped, ”Gates’s spokeswoman said in 2019. It remains to be seen what impact these revelations will have on the reputation of one of the richest men in the world. Although no one has accused him of participating in Epstein’s crimes, he would not be the first public figure to fall from grace. The Prince Andrew had to resign his public duties in 2019 in British royalty after uncovering the close relationship he had with the pedophile, peppered in his case with allegations of sexual abuse.


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