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Pedophile who raped 4 girls in Oregon sentenced to 275 years in prison in never-before-seen conviction

In an unusual sentencing, Tristan Ray Stanton was sentenced in Oregon to 275 years in prison for sexually abusing multiple girls between 2014 and 2020.

Oregon Live reported Tuesday that a jury unanimously found the 34-year-old man guilty of the 24 counts of sexual crimes committed against four minors.

At District Judge Ann Marie Simmons’ sentencing against Stanton, prosecutor Rick Wesenberg called the sentence unseen before.

The crimes for which the man was convicted were reported between August 5, 2014 and January 16, 2020, according to the 13-page indictment issued by a grand jury on February 20 of last year.

3,306 months in jail or 275 years and 6 months

The sentence includes 10 sentences of 25 years each that must be served consecutively under seven counts of first degree sodomy and three counts of illegal sexual penetration.

Stanton also received 75 months of consecutive sentences for three counts of first-degree sexual abuse. Additionally, he was sentenced to 45 consecutive months on one count of attempted unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree as well as a 36 consecutive month sentence on one count of sexual abuse in the second degree.

In total, the convict was sentenced to 3,306 months in jail or 275 years and 6 months.

First complaints against pervert emerged in early 2020

The first allegations against the pedophile came to light in January 2020 when the mother of one of the victims went to the Roseburg Police Department.

The woman reported that her daughter revealed inappropriate contacts by the man in a house southeast of the aforementioned city.

Subsequently, two other girls alleged sexual abuse and a fourth also admitted to having been attacked.

Abuser used sex toys to rape minors

The allegations included physical abuse as well as the use of adult sex toys.

Based on the severity of the crimes, Wesenberg urged the court to go above state sentencing rules.

“We are asking you to validate each of the victims in this case,” Wesenberg said. “There are no words to describe what this defendant did to these girls. They will never be the same ”, argued the prosecutor.

“We know with certainty about the cases of these four girls, and we suspect with great certainty about two others,” he added.

Carole Race, a Stanton attorney, had called for 300 months in jail as a sentence or 25 years served consecutively.

As part of his defense, Race argued that Stanton could use that time to reflect on his actions and still have the time to resume his life.

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