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Pedro Castillo is proclaimed president-elect of Peru

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The leftist Pedro Castillo He was proclaimed president-elect of Peru on Monday, a month and a half after the elections that won the right-wing Keiko Fujimori, who has acknowledged his defeat after more than a month of denouncing electoral fraud and unsuccessfully asking for 200,000 votes to be annulled in areas where his rival won.

After declaring unfounded the last legal recourses presented by Fujimori, the National Elections Jury (JNE) endorsed the results of the June 6 vote, where Castillo obtained 50.12% of the valid votes, a narrow victory by just 44,263 votes ahead of Fujimori.

«Comrades and brothers of this party of deep Peru, thanks to you, to all Peruvians. I must salute the electoral authorities now Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, president of the JNE. Also greet the political parties that have participated in the democratic party, our legal representatives and the candidates. I call on unity to forge and open the door of the next bicentennial. I bring an open heart to you, I do not hold a grudge in my heart. I invoke Mrs. Fujimori that we do not put up more barriers to move this country forward. First there is Peru, the Peruvian race, first the Peruvians, “said the president-elect in his first speech before his supporters in downtown Lima.

On June 6, Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori clashed in an election where the far-left leader won the elections by 44,058 votes, as reported by the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) at the end of the counting of one hundred percent of the votes carried out on June 15.

Every 5 years in which elections are held in the country, Peru becomes a puzzle to form a government, as has happened in the last five years, where the position of president became a volatile profession and where it went from Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to Martin Vizcarra, from Martín Vizcarra to Manuel Merino, from Manuel Merino to Francisco Sagasti and today from Francisco Sagasti to Pedro Castillo.

Fujimori accepts defeat

The leader of “Popular Force”, Keiko Fujimori, acknowledged her defeat against Castillo after denouncing an alleged “systematic fraud” a few days after the elections. The team that accompanied Fujimori in the elections presented several requests to annul thousands of votes in areas where Castillo won with solvency. None of its resources were successful, according to the National Elections Jury.

Although Fujimori accepted his defeat, he declared that Castillo’s official victory was a «illegitimate proclamation“While adding” I will recognize the results because it is what the law and the Constitution that I have sworn to defend. The truth is going to end up coming out anyway.

It is the third time in a row that Fujimori lost the elections in the second round. In 2011 he lost to the former military man, Ollanta Humala; In 2016, he lost to the economist, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and in 2021, he lost to Pedro Castillo.

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