Saturday, December 4

Pedro Castillo: the new government of Peru starts with controversy after the appointment of Guido Bellido as prime minister

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Pedro Castillo and Guido Bellido

Image source, Reuters


Guido Bellido’s appointment as Prime Minister of Peru was surprising and unexpected.

The formation of the new government of Peru started this Thursday with its share of controversy.

On his first day as president, Pedro Castillo surprised with the appointment of Guido Bellido as prime minister and generated an intense debate about the direction his government will take.

The Purple Party, of which former President Francisco Sagasti is a part, demanded this Thursday that the Congress of Peru “does not give confidence to the cabinet” to be led by Bellido, a legislator belonging to the most radical wing of the Marxist-leaning Peru Libre party.

“The Purple Party rejects the appointment of Mr. Guido Bellido as president of the Council of Ministers. The government team of President Pedro Castillo cannot be led by a person who does not believe in democracy, human rights and the fight against corruption and terrorism, “the liberal-leaning party said in a statement.

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