Wednesday, June 16

Pedro Castillo: what Cajamarca is like, the poor region rich in gold in which the candidate began to forge his political career as a community leader

  • Guillermo D. Olmo
  • Tacabamba, Peru


Image source, G. D. Olmo


The streets of Tacabamba were filled with posters supporting Castillo.

When all Peru wondered who this unknown primary school teacher was who had won the first round of the presidential elections, Santos Fernández already had the answer.

“I have known Pedro Castillo since he was a child; he is an honest and hard-working man,” he says from the main square of Tacabamba, during a pause in the patrol patrol of which he is a part.

The peasant rondas emerged in Peru in the 1980s as a form of self defense of rural communities in the face of cattle rustling and war between the Peruvian State and the Shining Path communist insurgency.

Over time, they ended up becoming one more law enforcement force, especially in rural Peru, where candidate Castillo comes from.

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