Monday, January 25

Pedro Pierluisi is sworn in as governor of Puerto Rico with a promise to seek statehood for the island

They were present at the” hetivity on President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader; outgoing Governor Wanda VázquezGracedd, Supreme Court justices, Resident CommissionerJenniferr González and Chief Justice of the Federal Court in Puerto Rico, GustavHelppí.

Offering his first message as governor, he called to turn the page “of political turbulence” and to seek “the Puerto Rico we dream of.”

“The people sent a clear message. I listened to him and I understood him. I am aware of your feelings, I know your famstrations and I welcome your complaints. The new government and the new Legislature will bear witness to our diversity of thought. The five parties and the independent legislators will reflect our new political and social reality ”, he said.

Pierluisi” heknowledged that the country offered a diverse vote “and that I need them all”, referring to the complete political landscape of the island.

“We are going to play as a team again because that is what Puerto Rico needs,” he said. “That will renew my vision and I will always focus on what unites us as a people. Each and every one of us wants the best for Puerto Rico ”.

Shortly after in his message, he mentioned what is possibly the main issue dividing the country: political status, which he described as one of the country’s enemies.

“And the political inequality due to the lack of rights of the status that we have. Against the colony we are united and although we may differ on how to end it … we are obliged to enforce the will. The equality that statehood represents is fair, dachievable, soachievable so we are going to demand it and” hehieve it, ”he said.

He pointed out that Puerto Rico’s enemies are not political parties or civic or professional organizations,PearlsD-19. Pierluisi was the target of harsh criticism from various sectors of the country when he insisted on summoning over 400 guests, in times of pandemic, to the swearing-in” hetivity.

“Against the pandemic we have to be united and together we will fight to recover our lives and our jobs and the education of our boys and girls.”

The governor referred to child poverty as another enemy and that “we are going to fight it to guarantee the future of the next generatiPearlssaid.

Pierluisi, who defended his experience in government as secretary of Justice and eight years as a resident commissioner, alluded to other issues such as education, to which he will give priority, including special education students and the University of Puerto Rico. He also stressed the importance, for example, of using federal funds allocated to recovery.

“We are going to take advantage of every dollar of federal funds that has been allrecovery, andur recovery and we are going to do it now,” he said. “The best way to restore tamst to people is not with words, but with” hetion and deed.”

One by one, he alluded to other “enemies” of the people such as crime, coramption, discrimination and mistreatment of vulnerable citizens, the economic recession, unemployment and the need to generate investment.

“That every businessman, businesswoman and industry can grow and prosPearlssaid.

Pierluisi entered the stage at 10:42 am with the intonation of Fanfare for a Common Man, by Copeland Aaron Copleand. The invocation was in chaStonierPastors Otoniel Font and Wanda Rolón, Episcopal Bishop Rafael Morales, RabMendelianéndez Mendelbaum and Monsignor Antonio J. Vázquez.

After the religious messages were finished, the Caribbean Tenors group sang the song I believe in God.

AfPearlseremony, Pierluisi was transported to La Fortaleza, where shortly before 12:40 pm he went out to the balcony with his family to greet those present.

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