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Pedro Sánchez announces 3.4 million more doses of Pfizer in August

Vaccine rain to try to appease the complaints of the autonomous barons of the PP. Pedro Sánchez kept that ace up his sleeve to start the XXIV Conference of Presidents, which is held this July 30 in Salamanca. He announced that Spain will receive 3.4 million additional doses of Pfizer in August, so the target of 70% group immunity can be “anticipated” somewhat earlier than expected.

The head of the Executive thus wanted to take the initiative at the beginning of the regional summit, the last great political event before the summer break. He did so during a brief opening speech with the host of the conference, the president of Castilla y León, the popular Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, in the Colón cloister of the San Esteban convent. Sánchez recalled that a year ago, at the first face-to-face summit that was held after the confinement, in La Rioja, there was no vaccine, Spain was emerging from the first wave, jobs continued to be destroyed and GDP had fallen by 21.6%. The agreement between the Twenty-seven had already been struck to release European funds (140,000 million for Spain), but the “vehicle” did not yet exist, nor the recovery plan.

“We have progressed for the better,” he stressed. Now, I highlight, there is already a vaccine and 56% of the Spanish population is “protected” against the virus with a complete schedule and 66% with at least one puncture. It was then when he linked with the announcement that, minutes later, would reproduce the regional presidents already behind closed doors: yesterday Thursday the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, closed with Pfizer the arrival of 3.4 million additional doses during the month of August. “It will allow us to go from 13.1 million doses administered to 16.5 million and therefore anticipate that objective that all the institutions have set for ourselves: that 70% of the population is fully vaccinated, with the complete guideline, before the end of August -he stressed-. It is very good news that shows the commitment of everyone, of all institutions, of the Government of Spain and of the autonomous communities, to accelerate this vaccination strategy, which is being a resounding success. “Sources from Moncloa added that Spain has started donating 22.5 million doses committed internationally.

“Together we have suffered and together we have to live this recovery”, hand in hand with the social agents “and the autonomous communities”, underlines the president

Already yesterday Thursday, in his appearance for the balance of the semester, Sánchez congratulated himself on the rate of immunization in Spain. “Gold medal,” he said, since it is the country, among the greats, that leads the entire pattern. And where there is also no movement of rejection, as he insisted last week in the successive interviews he gave to the American media. Spain is at the “forefront of the planet”He assured from Salamanca, after congratulating himself on the good performance of the economy, reasons for “fertilizing optimism.” “Together we have suffered and together we have to live this recovery”, hand in hand with the social agents, he continued, “and with the autonomous communities.”

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The best images from the Conference of Presidents

Family photo with the King

Sánchez thus valued the institutional and multilateral dialogue after the numerous complaints from the barons of the PP. Without going any further, the most belligerent of them all, the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has reiterated time and again that she will not attend an autonomous summit again if “the regulation is not followed”. Popular leaders have criticized the fact that the meeting was not thoroughly prepared and that it was not convened earlier. Government sources, however, defend that they are nothing more than “excuses“and that Spain has not yet left the”exceptionality“, which explains why this Friday’s conference is extraordinary and the agenda was not previously worked on, although they insisted that matters such as vaccination or European funds have been the object of deliberation for months.

Mañueco, host of the event, acknowledges that the news of the arrival of more doses is “very positive” and hopes that the dialogue will be “fruitful”

From Moncloa, they congratulated themselves on the impact of the president’s announcement, as he had “caught the changed foot” the barons of the PP who had asked for more vaccines, in the case of Alberto Núñez Feijóo (Galicia), Isabel Díaz Ayuso (Madrid), Fernando López Miras (Murcia) and Juanma Moreno (Andalusia). And they had also been claimed by the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who after listening to Sánchez’s welcome speech, acknowledged that the arrival of more doses in August is “very positive” news. The popular leader trusted that the XXIV Conference of Presidents will serve as a “turning point” to advance in the “co-government“. He trusted that the dialogue will be” fruitful “to reach agreements among all at a time of the pandemic that has forced” change. “A position much less guerrilla than that of Ayuso, who had assured that he was going to the summit with “few positive prospects”.

The only absence from this appointment is that of the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. The Lendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, did sign up at the last minute. The presidents first shared the family photo at the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca with Sánchez and with the King. Afterwards, everyone went to the convent of San Esteban in the Castilian-Leon city and, after coffee, Felipe VI left so that the deliberation could begin.

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