Sunday, November 28

Pedro Sánchez keeps his word

Back in November 2019, in the middle of the electoral campaign and a tumultuous television debate, our current president @sanchezcastejon He pledged pompously to bring the fled Carlos Puigdemont to Spain to be held accountable to justice. Such a categorical challenge, a promise of this magnitude coming from a politician who swore more times than Pedro that he would never agree with the Catalan separatists or with the Basque gudaris of Bildu, it was at least an event of telluric dimensions. Because, in principle, those kinds of promises that come from those who do not usually fulfill them seem more destined to conceptualize them as an encyclopedia oxymoron. But no. The day after the debate, and in his own media house, RNE, Sánchez asked himself a rhetorical question to support his thesis: “Who does the Prosecutor’s Office depend on?”, And the interviewer-journalist himself from his home (Sánchez’s, I mean) he answered “from the Government”; “Well that’s it”, Castejón remarked with engoled authority.

Installed in a kind of political agnosticism much to the liking of the late Tierno Galván (what a frustrating paradox; the co-founder of the Popular Socialist Party – later integrated into the PSOE when the lentils were pressing and the future of the PSP was languishing – was Raúl Morodo, today investigated by the justice in relation to alleged and serious crimes related to a Venezuelan oil company belonging to the Chavista regime while he was ambassador in Caracas appointed by Zapatero. Even the Country came to the head in February 2020 that “Switzerland confirms that Morodo’s family has millionaire accounts”); In this political agnosticism, I say, it is stimulating to contemplate that, finally, Pedro Sánchez keeps his word and, whatever it may be or whatever it may be, the brave fled in the trunk of a car, the nice Carlos Puigdemont and his separatist hairstyle, are detained on the Italian island of Sardinia in compliance with the search and arrest warrant issued by our Supreme Court. Will we see another Schleswig-Holstein, that Land German Where did the Nazi Karl Dönitz, the last president of Nazism appointed by Hitler himself, without any worthwhile historical memory, died peacefully? On that occasion the German regional court rejected the crime of rebellion against Carlos, the fugitive. Now things are different; we will have to wait for events.

For now, my congratulations to the government @sanchezcastejon, and especially to its president, for almost keeping his word. I’ll bring Puigdemont to Spain to be held accountable before the Spanish justice. And I say almost because Carlos is still in territory Sardinian Italian, and at the time of writing, trembling, this article nothing is known about the fate of the one who ran out of Spain in the trunk of a car. Now, the fact that I – and perhaps one of my two readers – trust again the promises given by a Spanish politician of the height (1’90) and probity of Dr. Sánchez does not mean that his nemesis stvensoniana, mr hyde @sanchezcastejonDo not be leaving the laboratory right now in search of the potion that bewitches and confuses the Italian justice so that everything returns to its place of origin: the bureaucratic Brussels and its multiple universal courts of justice.

Skinny favor you do to doctor Sánchez this novel of splitting of personality that he has just written the arrest of Carlos. And I have it for myself, though I wouldn’t swear before the statue of Casanova -the hero of the Catalan independence movement who shouted on September 11, 1714 “Long live Spain” and asked the people of Barcelona “to shed their blood for the freedom of all Spain” during the War of the Spanish Succession (not of secession), I would not swear, I say , that one of the great harmed, if not the most harmed, of all this is none other than Dr. Sánchez and his given word. To see what it says to them now @sanchezcastejon to the Catalan separatist democrats at the negotiating table while Carlos is eating the ranch in a cell in Sardinia. Because among the independentistas they can get along very badly, they lead to kill (money, greed, power equally contaminates), but when it comes to removing the most atavistic feelings in search of the lost vote, the best memories do not come from the proustsiano smell of freshly baked muffins, but the stench of “Burned city”, burning barricades, violence, looting, destruction and mayhem. Where will the votes of the violent men and women go? Who will lose the most in this new scenario of leaks, arrests and stomach thrills?

The problem added to this grotesque farce is that the economic situation of Spain it is also going to suffer, not just politics. Our country ranks last among Europe’s in the economic recovery indices. With and without tourist taxes. With squatters who continue to squat with impunity on private property defended by our divine left. With a systematic and planned attack on everything that sounds like Spain and Spanish (see, among other attacks, harassment, persecution, blacklists, files and preterition that professionals and civil servants in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands suffer por express yourself in Spanish; and the lava from that volcano continues to vomit more and more forcefully). With essential institutions in a State of Law constantly attacked or despised (the Monarchy, Justice, the Armed Forces …). With an ideological ideology that bleaches without the slightest blush “Tributes, entertainments and receptions” public and authorized to ETA criminals who have neither repented nor asked for forgiveness, while trying to limit – even punish – any manifestation of discrepancy against the diktat of the politically correct. With everything that horizon hovering over Spain, I do not know very well if the arrest of Carlos I, the fugitive, is good news, a perfectly calculated fact or another turn of the screw in the already strangled throat of our coexistence. Anyway, thank you, Pedro, for keeping your word, although it might be to your regret. To see more.

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