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Peegasm ▷ Holding urination to have orgasms without sex

Peegasm poses serious health risks

Peegasm poses serious health risks

Human stupidity knows no bounds. The (in) culture of viral challenges in social networks has invaded all areas of our life and the sex it was not going to be less.

One of the latest “fads”, christened in a Reddit thread as “peegasm“Four years ago and revived now, it consists of holding the urine to the maximum with the pretext that the sensation experienced when releasing the bladder is comparable to the pleasure of a orgasm during the sexual intercourse.

However, this technique of avoiding urination is very dangerousas it can cause urinary tract infections.

Does peegasm really give pleasure?

Peegasm, contraction in English of the word pee (pee) and orgasm (orgasm), is based, so to speak, on the pressure that the kidneys and the bladder performed on nearby organs when deliberately without going to the bathroom for a long time.

Peegasm, a very dangerous practice for health Freepik

When you finally urinate, the muscles next to your urethra become slack (in women, the vagina and the clitoris included).

What anyone understands as a relief, peegasm supporters consider it a pleasure of a sexual nature, as the urethra is one erógena zone very sensitive to being full of nerve endings.

It is true, as some doctors have indicated, that if you sleep with a full bladder, the nerves of the pelvic floor and that can end up causing an orgasm if it is accompanied by a erotic dream.

The origin of peegasm

The risks of holding urine

Peegasm began as a trend among some women (they were the ones who spoke openly about that sensation in the thread of the aforementioned social network after a girl’s boyfriend commented on it), although there have also been men who have jumped on this bandwagon of ignorance . And it is a practice that, due to the retention of bacteria in the urinary tract, can cause Urinary infections such as cystitis or others that lead, in the case of men, to prostatitis.

It is also possible that it causes kidney stones and / or affect the correct functioning of the bladder and you end up suffering urinary incontinence, bladder overactivity or quite the opposite, hypocontractility and, ultimately, you should be urgently catheterized for being unable to urinate.

Stated to “endure” something, try the peaking to increase the intensity of your sexual ecstasy. You can also do well Kegel exercises.

Risks of withholding urine

Experts consider that, drinking the recommended amount of 2 liters of water a day, you should go on average at least 5 or 6 times to urinate.

And if you want to have an orgasm, you always have on hand your hand, forgive the redundancy, some sex toy, or if you have couple the possibilities are multiplied: intercourse, oral sex, assisted masturbation

Let’s see if the next outrage that we find is not the “poogasm“(the same but with the poop), that in the world of social networks everything is possible.


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