Friday, January 22

Pence announces he will not oppose Biden’s certification of victory

Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, during the session of Congress

Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, during the session of Congress

The Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, announced to lawmakers that he will not oppose the certification of the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden, as requested by the outgoing president, Donald Trump.

In a letter sent to congressmen before beginning Wednesday’s session at the Capitol to certify the electoral votes of the past elections, Pence, who is chairing the meeting, clarified that cannot revoke election results.

In a series of tweets and later before his followers who were demonstrating in front of the Capitol, Trump tried to convince Pence to reject the confirmation of Biden’s victory in the Electoral College certification in Congress. “It is my thoughtful judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution prevents me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not,” Pence wrote to congressmen.

For his part, Trump, who lost the November elections to Democrat Joe Biden, but does not want to admit defeat and insists without proof that there was a fraud, reiterated in his requests to Pence not to know the laws and the results.

Mike Pence has not had the courage to do what he should have done to protect our country and the Constitution, since the states have not had the option to certify with the corrected facts and not the fraudulent and imprecise ones that they were previously asked to certify. The US demands the truth, “Trump said on Twitter as soon as the letter was known.

“The states want the votes corrected, which they know are based on irregularities and fraud, as well as a corrupt process that did not receive legislative support. All Mike Pence has to do is send (the Electoral College votes) baTo. to the states and WE WIN. Do it, Mike It’s time for extreme bravery!“Trump wrote in a tweet this morning before the Capitol certification began.

Moments after the session began, Republicans loyal to Trump presented allegations to Arizona electoral votes, stopping the count to debate the matter.

In his speech to his followers, Trump assured that he will “never” concede defeat against Biden, after which, his followers confronted the Capitol Police and penetrated the legislative premises. “We will never concede, we will never concede“Trump had told the thousands of supporters gathered outside the White House for the” Save America “march, which concluded on Capitol Hill.

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