Saturday, January 28

Pensacola’s Jewish community is celebrating once-in-seven-years event

In a modern celebration with ancient roots, the Jewish community of Pensacola will celebrate a once-in-seven-years unity celebration called ‘Hakhel’ (gathering together). 

The unity event on Oct. 13 will feature live music, a BBQ and bar, entertainment, and a children’s program. It promises to draw excited participants from all walks of Jewish life. The community is invited to join the celebration.

The celebration will take place in the Sukkah built at the Pensacola Chabad Jewish Center, the traditional seven-day leaves hut holiday, that will be the largest ever seen in Pensacola, with space for over 100 people.

“It’s a very exciting year with a celebration that will bring special unity within the community, and people are sure to enjoy,” said Rabbi Mendel Danow, director of the Pensacola Chabad Jewish Center. 

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