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People are already designing the luxury mega yachts of the future. And they will not only sail: they will also fly

His name cannot make things clearer. Air Yacht is presented as an “air yacht” and that is exactly what it is: a luxury boat designed for your enjoyment in style… in the most literal sense of the expression The ship, similar to a catamaran, is connected to two airships with helium that allow him to rise and fly at more than 100 kilometers per hour. When the pilot gets tired of flying through the skies, he can descend, land on the water, and continue the journey.

The designs —because that’s what they are for the moment, an idea, proposals only suitable for well-fed pockets— have come from the Italian studio Lazzarini and seek to rethink both the concept of the yacht and that of aerial airships. Its creator, Pierpaolo Lazzarini, has also done it twice, with an initial version and another retouched edition that he has baptized Air Yacht V2, both from 2022.

The starting point is basically the same in both cases: a central megayacht connected by gangways to two big airships, one to the right and one to the left. Each one is equipped with cells in which helium is stored, a cover of solar panels, light batteries and, above all, two pairs of motors capable of rotating, propel the ship and facilitate landing.

A walk between luxuries by sea and air

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Air Yacht.

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Air Yacht.

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Air Yacht.

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Air Yacht.

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Air Yacht.

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Air Yacht.

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In the center of the ship, a central hull is fitted, connected to the airships through several gangways with a design and layout that varies from one model to another. To make Air Yacht light and strong, Lazzarini plans to make it largely out of carbon fiber. In addition to the machinery, the ship includes space for 22 people Its cabins are distributed mainly by the airships and, at least in the case of the V2, a suite is incorporated in the central hull.

What does differ between both models is in the sizes and powers. The first version has a width of 80 meters and a length of 150 y —precise New Atlas— Its cells have the capacity to store 400,000 cubic meters (m3) of compressed helium. Once in motion, it can travel at 111 kilometers (km/h) per hour for more than 48 hours. In the water it reaches 9 km/h. Its enormous size allows it to include a swimming pool and a small heliport on the upper part of the deck.

The V2 version is somewhat different. The total length of the airships gives a small stretch to the 169 meters and the central nave changes completely, with a revised design, more stylized and in which the glass surfaces give way to carbon fiber. As in the first edition, the decks of the airships and the central hull are crowned by a mesh of solar panels.

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Air Yacht 2.

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Air Yacht 2.

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Air Yacht 2.

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Air Yacht 2.

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Air Yacht 2.

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Air Yacht 2.

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The twenty stays of V2 are also shared between both airships. Unlike what happened with the previous model, the renderings of the central hull no longer show the pool on the upper deck, which is also less extensive. Another considerable difference with respect to the first version is the speed. In addition to gaining length, the V2 reinforces its power in the air: from 111 km/h it goes to 185, according to Auto Evolution. Capacity at sea remains around 9 km/h.

To see either version of the Super Yacht underway, mind you, we’ll likely have to wait some time. At the moment they are just a proposal from Lazzarini, a studio known for other projects worthy of a science fiction movie, such as Wayaland, a floating city with pyramids; the Hower Coupè flying car; the FD-One drone or the Futurò vehicle.

Airlander 10, the largest aircraft in the world, remains on the ground: the company wants to think about the future production model

Passing at least the first version from paper to reality will require, specifically New Atlas, a considerable outlay. According to various US media, the sale price of the Super Yacht is only available to checking accounts with a good number of zeros: €550 million.

What is clear is that the commitment to airships is not something that is limited to the offices of Lazzarini or its main designer. Over the last few years, other projects have been registered that recover its philosophy, such as the Airlander 10. In the case of Air Yatch, the commitment bears the mark of its studio, with a clear commitment to luxury and a proposal that seeks to mark the difference.

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Images | Lazzarini Design Studio

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