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Peppermint tea to lose weight, improve digestion and eliminate everything you do not need

Peppermint tea to lose weight, improve digestion and eliminate everything you do not need

A cup of peppermint tea provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which support weight loss and the immune system.

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It is well known that tea is one of the best allies good health, it is a habit that is related to a long list of therapeutic benefits. It is also the perfect drink to warm up especially in the cold winter and it has properties that help us calm the mind and body.

The best of all is that nature is wise and puts at our disposal an infinity of varieties of teas and infusions, each one provides different health benefits. Such is the case of mint tea, which has always been considered a great remedy of naturopathic medicine for boost digestion and in recent months it has become an important ally in various currents for benefit weight loss.

He mint tea is a aromatic drink and very comfortingBest of all, it is very easy to prepare; all you have to do is add a handful of fresh mint leaves in boiling water. It has a interesting reference about its weight loss benefits. Según el libro ‘Healing Foods’, the menthol that is active compound present in the mint leaves can stimulate digestion and improve bowel movement. Considering that lpoor digestion is one of the main causes of weight gain, it is worth taking it more seriously.

The truth is the mint is an important part of modern life, thanks to its characteristic minty flavor that works as base in the elaboration of all kinds of products; breath mints, candy, and dental hygiene items. Best of all, with the simple use of your leaves soaked in water, there is a rich caffeine-free tea It is widely consumed throughout the world.From Middle East and Europe, mint is now grown throughout the world and is considered one of the healing herbs most important for ancient civilizations like the Greek and the Egyptian, who used mint as medicine. In such a way that over the years chewing mint leaves has become a folk remedy for toothaches, indigestion, coughs, colds and other ailments.

Specifically the mint tea is a infallible addition to the diet for speed up rhythm in any program focused on weight loss. We invite you to know the slimming power hiding in a cup of mint tea, it will become one of your favorite add-ons for accelerate weight loss loss.

The benefits of peppermint tea for weight loss:

  • It is light and very low in calories, to be precise 2.5 calories. Best of all, they’re not empty calories every cup of peppermint tea provides a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that benefit weight loss. Among the main ones, the potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and folates.
  • Mint is very rich in antioxidants, specific flavonoids that are associated with great qualities to protect the organism against the damage of the free radicals. These are related to the appearance of chronic diseasesyes, as is the case with obesity and diabetes.
  • Drinking mint tea is one great complement to combat cravings, anxiety to eat and in general is ideal for increase the feeling of fullness. Its powerful aroma is known to have the ability to suppress appetite and reduce cravings.
  • Another of the great goodies of mint tea is that it is a drink full of catechins, which are of great help to increase body temperature and this process speeds up metabolism and enhances fat burning.
  • It’s one of the more faithful natural digestive agents, not for nothing has peppermint been used for centuries as a remedy for digestive problems such as nausea, gas, and bloating. Its consumption is ideal to eliminate swollen belly and fluid retention, directly associated with weight gain.

How to make the perfect peppermint tea?


  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 sprig of fresh mint leaves
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey, optional

Preparation mode:

  1. Boil the water. When reaching the first boil take a handful of mint leaves and break them. Add the number of leaves depending on how strong you want the tea to be. The recommendation is a bouquet of mint for each liter of water, so you will have tea for the whole day.
  2. Simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. Turn off the heat and rest the infusion, so that the liquid absorbs all the benefits of the mint.
  4. Strain and pour into a jar with a tight lid.
  5. Consumption recommendations: To obtain the best results, it is advisable to drink a cup on an empty stomach and later throughout the day a cup before each main meal.

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