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Pere Milla guides Elche towards permanence (3-1)

It is not permanence, but it is getting closer. This is how he celebrated Martinez Valero at the end of the match against Alaves. “Herculano the one that does not bounce”, the “Aromas Ilicitanos” a cappella. The players saluting the South Fund Animation Stand 1923. It was not for less. The triumph of the Elche team allows it to give a giant step towards salvation, leaving the vitorianos, a direct rival to nine points plus the goal average and see the future with great optimism.

It was not an easy match, because Mendilibar’s team went ahead on the scoreboard after 17 minutes and the franjiverdes had to swim against the current. Pere Milla is touched by a magic wand. 54 seconds into the restart, Elche’s “10” tied the match. And in the 58th minute he scored 2-1. Fidel sentenced the clash with another goal in minute 85.

Francis kept Mojica on the left side, despite only doing one training session after returning from concentration with the Colombian team. The franjiverde technician opted for Pedro Bigas as left central instead of Diego González. The Spaniard returned after almost a month injured and teamed up with Gonzalo Verdú. The rest of the team was predictable. Tete Morente recovered in time from his ankle problems and initially played on the right flank. Fidel did it on the left, while Pere Milla, who had been playing in the left-handed profile, became second striker, along with Lucas Boyé, after the departure of Lucas Pérez in the winter market.

when they just got along 29 seconds into the game, Elche scored a goal. A center from Mojica was finished off at the far post by Tete Morente. The referee annulled it, after consulting with the VAR, considering that Pere Milla had pushed an Alavés player so that he would not cover the Cadiz player’s shot.

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That’s where the game started and it got rough. The franjiverdes footballers and the stands were more aware of the referee, despite the fact that Francisco asked for calm from the band.

Y at 17 minutes he arrived the hammer A cross from the left by Luis Rioja finished him off completely alone Joselu, who won the back of Pedro Bigas and scored 0-1. At the start of the play, Jason could have been offside.

Elche could not find the way. He insisted a lot on playing on the left and looking for Lucas Boyé. However, when he attacked from the right, with Tete Morente, it was when he created more danger.

Even so, the group from Elche had three shots to tie before the break. One from Pere Milla to the center of Tete Morente, which came out touching the post. Another with an individual play by Boyé, after a pass from Fidel. The Argentine also finished high with a header a center from Mojica and Pere Milla another from Tete Morente. The first half ended with 0-1.

In the second part it changed completely. At 54 seconds, the franjiverdes tied the match. Fidel centered at the far post, Pears Milla wanted to stop Boyé’s spur, the ball hit an Alavés defender and it came back to the Catalan, who shot and Pacheco failed to stop the ball and put it in his own goal.

The equalizer gave Francisco’s team air. After a scare in which Gonzalo Verdú risked expulsion as he was the last man, the player from Cartagena took the ball with impetus and avoided misfortune; Two good opportunities came for Elche to have scored the second. First with a center from Mojica that walked around the entire area and a strike from Boyé that went off alone and got involved and was unable to finish off.

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In the 58th minute the delirium came to Martínez Valero, with a play by drawing lines. Mojica doubled Fidel on a climb, the man from Huelva handed the ball to the Colombian, who instead of crossing high, saw very well how Pere Milla came from behind and put the ball to the Catalan in front of the area. The green-fringed Harry Potter hooked it perfectly with his left leg and he made it 2-1 with a shot close to the post, as the canons dictate.

Elche played much better in the second 45 minutes, they knew how to scrape the ball and look for spaces. Alavés only created danger from set pieces and in some more clearances by the Elche team, such as in one by Mojica.

The Colombian is a physical marvel. In the 57th minute, he put a good cross into the second, which Tete Morente finished off with a header. In minute 73, Fidel starred in a great individual move, which Pacheco stopped. And in 85 the sentence came, in another magical move. Guido Carrillo left Boyé on his heel, the green-and-green “9” put the ball into the hole for Fidel, who defined it perfectly.

That’s where the meeting ended. Martínez Valero lived a party and Elche that sees the path clear towards permanence.


ELCHE: Edgar Badia, Helibelton Palacios, Gonzalo Verdú (Diego González, d. 83), Pedro Bigas, Mojica, Mascarell, Gumbau, Tete Morente (Josan, d. 89), Fidel, Pere Milla (Guido Carrillo, . 71) and Lucas Boyé (Raúl Guti, d. 89).

ALAVES: Pacheco, Martín (Tenaglia, d. 54), Laguardia, Lejuene, Duarte, Pina, Escalante (Guidetti, d. 86), Jason (Edgar, d. 72), Luis Rioja, Miguel de la Fuente (Pere Pons, d. 72) and Joselu (Manu Vallejo, d. 54).

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GOAL: 0-1 m.17, Joselu. 1-1 m. 46, Pere Milla. 2-1 m. 58, Pere Milla. 3-1 m. 85, Fidel.

REFEREE: Melero López, from the Andalusian school. He showed yellow cards to Gonzalo Verdú (d. 66) and Tomás Pina (d. 92).

STADIUM: Martínez Valero, 12,926 before spectators

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