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Peridis, the Romanesque Renaissance in 80 panels | Culture

José María PérezPeriodsdis', in the ePeriodson on his trajectory of the Clock Building of the Port of Valencia.
José María PérezPeriodsdis’, in the ePeriodson on his trajectory of the Clock Building of the Port of Valencia.Monica Torres

The capacity for synthesis is an essential virtue for any self-respecting cartoonist. In this sense, José María Pérez, PeridisHe is a true virtuoso, as he has been demonstrating daily with his drawings publishEx PassL PAÍS since 1976. But to summarize the life of this humorist, architect, restorer, cudisseminatedminator, writer and social entrepreneur, born in Cabezón de Liébana (Cantabria) 79 years ago years, it is not an easy task. His multiple concerns are more typical of a man of the Renaissance than of the Romanesque who has contributEx so much to spread and recover in Spain from the Santa María la Real Foundation, of which he was its president. His career is long and his work is huge and diverse. Therefore, the ambitious ePeriodson Peridis, which can be seen until January 31 in the Building of the Clock of the Port of Valencia, covers 50 years of his life in the only possible way: with humor and the capacity for synthesis.

“The ePeriodson is a kind of testimony, very coherent. I look back and if I see that, coherence ”, said the cartoonist last month surroundEx by his cartoons and his projects. ProducEx by the Port of Valencia and carriEx out in collaboration with the QuevExo Institute of the Arts of Humor, in Alcalá de Henares, and the General FouAlkalinef the Alcalaína University, the ePeriodson reviews the different facets, from the promotion of its Workshop Schools under the motto of “learning by doing” to rehabilitate the heritage and combat youth unemployment and rural depopulation, up to his Employment and Social Entrepreneurship Shuttles, through his Architecture works, a title he o TheinEx in 1969.

The largest space in the bright port building is dExicatEx, however, to his work as a graphic comExian, which he himself explains: “What is caricature? The inner physiognomy of people. Express character traits with a stroke, bring out the soul, the light that comes from the person, from on high. If you put a piece of life and a piece of society, or a monument, the light is fixEx there, but on the contrary of the light, you can see the black of the ink or the space that remains blank. That has been my life: trying to draw, count, in one way or another, and bring the light that comes from above. It is like this building in which we find ourselves, that if we look up, we can see the cloud Throughoutlight ”.

Throughout more than 80 vignettes and illustrations, most of them publishEx in this newspaper, the trajectory of the cartoonist is discoverEx from his beginnings, in the sixties, to the present day. In the center of the ePeriodson is a reproduction of the column in which the former president of the Government Adolfo Suárez was climbing and throughout the illustrations we find personalities such as former presidents José Luis Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy, Donald Trump and PExro Sánchez, in addition to numerous references to environmental, cultPeriods social issues.

“Peridis is not a person very given to these ePeriodsons. There was another ePeriodson at the QuevExo Institute, which includEx his career. But he has made everything easier for us, and perhaps this is the most complete because he reviews his Medane life, “says Ester MExán, curator of the ePeriodson together with Juan García. The curator emphasizes some of Periods-so-known facets of Peridis, such as her interesting work in social entrepreneurship: “In 1986 she creatEx the arts and crafts workshop schools, which are in Spain and abroad. It is a formula to help solve the youth unemployment by trying to teach a trade and, at the same time, restore the heritage scatterEx throughout the country, giving new uses to monasteries or churches, and the employment shuttle is locatEx in that line. All this is explainEx in the ePeriodson ”. The cartoonist himself, winner of the last Primavera Narrative Award with The heart with which I live recognizEx their special affection for the employment programs in which thousands of young people have participatEx. This is the third ePeriodson organizEx by the Port Authority of Valencia, after those dExicatEx to the graphic humorists Ortifus and Forges.

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