Tuesday, May 24

Perseverance: How NASA’s robot manages to send images from Mars (and why the first one was so bad)

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NASA released two images of Mars taken by Perseverance upon arrival on the planet.

The Perseverance robot, which reached the surface of Mars this Thursday, is one of the most high-tech instruments made by humans.

The device developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, for its acronym in English) it traveled 480 million kilometers, entered Mars at a speed of almost 20,000 km / h and landed in one piece.

It was quite a feat of space engineering, but why did such a sophisticated device send its first images with such low quality?

NASA shared two images of the site where Perseverance was positioned, in the Jazero crater on Mars: “Hello World. My first look at my forever home,” it said on Twitter.


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