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Personalized programs for temporary summer stays in DomusVi residences for the elderly in the province of Alicante

Personalized programs for temporary summer stays in DomusVi residences for the elderly in the province of Alicante

Personalized programs for temporary summer stays in DomusVi residences for the elderly in the province of Alicante

The generalized improvement in the situation of the pandemic and the vaccine against COVID-19 allow that little by little to return to normality and, with this, to resume with total safety one of the most requested services of DomusVi, especially in summer time: temporary stays and family respite.

This format is adapted to the needs of each family to serve in the residences with short stays when older people cannot stay in their private home for a short period of time, or to recover or convalesce after an intervention.

Family respite programs allow a rest and free time period for caregivers, while the elderly are cared for and cared for throughout the day by teams of professionals who strive to provide the best service. They offer them personalized attention, as well as therapeutic activities that promote active aging, non-drug therapies and leisure activities that favor the well-being of people, not only physically but also psychically.

An example of this are the residences of DomusVi in the province of Alicante where living spaces are created in a pleasant environment with all the necessary services to maximize personal autonomy. At the same time, activities that facilitate sociability and interaction among residents themselves are encouraged, such as laughter therapy, tai chi or therapies with virtual reality glasses.

DomusVi Calpe – Painting and decoration workshop

Residents and their families find in the DomusVi centers a home that gives them peace of mind, where they have a complete and trustworthy service, with great empathy and a close treatment. A committed team of professionals looks after your health and well-being and is always in permanent contact with the family for whatever you may need.

This tranquility is reinforced by a 99% vaccination rate for residents and professional staff, as well as by all the safety and hygiene measures applied by DomusVi, since this continues to be one of the highest priorities. All the company’s centers follow the “Safe Care” processes, audited and validated by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in inspection, certification and testing. This extra and proactive reinforcement translates into a step forward to continue ensuring that the centers comply with all the measures contemplated in the program: Safe care with DomusVi.

Nursing homes for the elderly are the safest and most protected places to live and their workers daily contribute their professionalism and vocation to the service of the people they serve, which is reflected in the trust that residents and their families place in DomusVi, having rated the DomusVi centers with a high level of satisfaction.

Summer activities at DomusVi residences in Alicante

In residences for the elderly DomusVi In the province of Alicante, a diverse program of activities is deployed so that residents have a pleasant stay while receiving the daily care they need.

An example of this are the workshops and outdoor activities carried out by the centers DomusVi Elda Y DomusVi Calpe:

And DomusVi Elda we make use of ICT, so important in modern society, in cognitive therapies for our residents. Also as information and communication media, since they are a tool that connects us with the outside world through video calls, by reading the press, etc.

The center is also committed to Non-Pharmacological Therapies to address Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Thanks to a series of therapies, interventions or non-pharmacological approaches, it is possible to minimize the psychological and behavioral symptoms of the disease: ‘Memories and emotions in the key of G’.

Other activities that take place outside, taking advantage of the good weather, are geronto-gymnastics and art therapy.

At DomusVi Calpe, residents can participate in cooking workshops, orchard workshops, as well as enjoy outings to the seafront and practice geronto-gymnastics on the beach.

DomusVi Calpe – Cooking workshop

A large network of services and professionals in Alicante

Residences DomusVi for the elderly in the province of Alicante

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