Wednesday, February 21

Peru accumulates 20 life sentences for raping minors in less than two months

  • The country is considering chemically castrating those who are found guilty of this type of crime

the courts peruvian 20 life sentences have been handed down since March for sexual violation of minors, reported this Monday the Judicial Power of the country, where the Government’s proposal to apply chemical castration to the authors of this type of crime is currently being debated. The sentences were imposed in the jurisdictions of Lima Norte, Huánuco, Arequipa, Sullana, Huaura, Huancavelica, Callao, Ayacucho, Moquegua and Santa, indicated an official statement that specified that these figures are still part of a preliminary report.

The information was released while the Andean country is debating President Pedro Castillo’s proposal to apply chemical castration for child rapists. Castillo assured last Saturday that “drastic measures” must be applied to face this crime, after the outrage caused in the country by the sexual assault suffered last week by a 3-year-old girl in the northern city of Chiclayo, capital of the Liberty region.

Referring to its actions in similar cases, the Judiciary detailed that six life sentences were handed down in the North Lima jurisdiction, four in the Lima province of Callao, two in the southern Arequipa and another two in the Huánuco power plant. A maximum sentence was issued, in each case, by courts in the southern regions of Ayacucho and Moquegua, the Lima province of Huaura, the northern provinces of Sullana and Santa, and the southern Andean region of Huancavelica.

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This Monday, the Minister of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Félix Chero, stated that the proposal to apply chemical castration will be debated by the Council of Ministers in the coming days and then he will go to Congress to explain the Executive’s position. He added that the congressmen, among whom there has been a division of opinions, must “understand that the projects presented by the Executive have to be the object of analysis, sure of debate and discussion.” “We have some figures in Colombia and Argentina that have reduced the rate of recidivism by 30% or 40% and even when there is much criticism regarding the approach, we have to make concrete proposals,” he explained.

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The Presidency specified that chemical castration consists of administer medications that reduce libido and inhibit sexual desire and is used as “a method of prevention against sexual assault and also as punishment for those who commit crimes of this nature.” After the kidnapping and rape in Chiclayo, the National Police found her and arrested the alleged perpetrator of the abuse, a 48-year-old man for whom nine months of preventive detention have been issued, while the authorities indicated that “he would receive the maximum sentence of imprisonment life”.

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