Sunday, October 2

Peru investigates an oil leak in the Amazon region of Loreto

  • The state oil company affirms that the leak would have been contained in the containment channel

  • The company denounces having suffered 25 intentional cuts in the North Peruvian oil pipeline

The Agency for Environmental Assessment and Control (OEFA), attached to the Ministry of the Environment of Peru, began this Saturday the supervision of a complaint from the state oil company Petroperú over one alleged intentional oil leak in the northern Peruvian oil pipeline, in the Amazon region of Loreto.

As reported by the environmental control authority in a statement, the supervision will allow determining “The causes of the environmental emergency, responsibility for the events and the impact generated“, in addition to verifying the implementation of the contingency plan by Petroperú, which involves containment and cleaning actions in the affected area.

The state oil company denounced on Friday that they had identified 25 intentional cuts in the duct pipe, specifically at kilometer 67 of the section, which is located in the community of Monterrico, in the jungle region of Loreto. East “unprecedented attack“, In the words of Petroperú, it adds to the six cuts registered so far in 2022.

oil leaks

“Given the environmental emergency detected, the Contingency Plan was immediately activated, proceeding to plug the pipe, as part of the first response actions. The oil leak has been contained in the pipeline’s containment channel,” the company said in a statement.

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Faced with this situation, and for having been “object of these criminal acts“, Petroperú requested to declare the North Peruvian oil pipeline in an emergency in order to “ensure the safety of activities of containment, cleanup, and remediation” and to “safeguard the well-being of communities and restore the conditions for the transport of hydrocarbons”.

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Since 1977, the northern Peruvian pipeline, the longest in the country, has been transporting oil from the fields of the Amazon to the port of Bayóvar, on the Pacific Ocean, through 1,106 kilometers of pipes that cross the jungle and the Andes, on a route that crosses the Peruvian territory from east to west. In recent years, it has suffered several breakages, both accidental and provoked, which have caused successive oil spills in the Amazon.

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