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Peru still has no official winner while a judge decides today if Keiko returns to prison

Correspondent in Lima



Yesterday was two weeks of the second round between the extreme left teacher, Pedro Castillo and the rightist, Keiko Sofia Fujimori and there is no winner declared by the National Elections Jury (JNE), which has plunged the country into uncertainty. Today, Monday, Judge Víctor Zuñiga will review the request of the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez of decree preventive detention of Keiko Sofía Fujimori, for the case that follows him for money laundering and where he asks for 30 years and 10 months, by breaking the code of conduct and meeting with a witness in the case, the former congressman and spokesman for “Fuerza Popular”, Miguel Torres.

As if that were not enough, the interim president, Francisco SagastiHe has had to go out and reject coup requests from ex-military men who do not sympathize with Castillo.

The best sample of the division was lived last Saturday night in Lima where there were two marches at the same time: one in favor of Castillo under the slogan ‘no to the Fujimori coup d’état’ and another march in favor of Keiko Sofía Fujimori with ‘Respect my vote’ banners. On June 15, the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) finished the total vote count in which Pedro Castillo Win by 44,058 votes. What is yet to be defined are 142 appeals to the 943 requests for annulment of votes from Keiko Sofía Fujimori’s legal team, which will be reviewed by the full JNE chaired by Jorge Salas Arenas.

In the meeting of Fujimori supporters, the former presidential candidate, Lourdes Flores Nano, participated, who during her speech told the Head of the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE): «I want us in this square to tell the chief firmly and clearly of the ONPE, Do not behave like a thief and deliver the register (of voters)! ». «To know the truth, you have to have elements of judgment. In a democracy there can be no secrets, “he said.

Keiko Sofía Fujimori addressed the JNE saying: “We ask that the minutes be analyzed. That they do not make excuses for us by saying that we are missing a piece of paper or we missed the time. We respectfully ask the members of the JNE to analyze each of these requests. The head of the government plan, Daniel Córdoba and the former congressman, Miguel Torres, accompanied on Keiko Sofía Fujimori’s main stage.

Voices from within

In the march of the followers of Pedro Castillo, there was a brief act in which the candidate still did not participate but did take the floor, Veronika Mendoza, Castillo’s ally and leader of New Peru, pointing out that “the times of the colony are gone, where it was claimed that there were first and second category citizens. Gone are the times where some had the right to vote and others did not. They arrived at Castillo’s march dozens of followers of Andean departments, mainly from Cajamarca, located north of Lima and homeland of the rural teacher. In the march, many musical groups participated that accompanied the unions and civil organizations that sang the most representative song of their campaign, ‘Flor de retama’.

The political uncertainty is not only in the appointment of the new or new head of state by the JNE, but a motion has been presented in Congress to remove the president of Congress, Mirtha Vasquez and the members of her board of directors, who After his appointment, he made possible the interim presidency of Francisco Sagasti last November. Sagasti replaced Manuel Merino, who lasted five days in office, and who in turn had succeeded Martín Vizcarra (2018-2020). Although the motion presented against Vásquez does not include Sagasti, the departure of the entire board of directors where he was a part before assuming the presidency could jeopardize his position, 40 days after leaving power.

Another matter that has been urgently addressed by the interim president, Francisco Sagasti, was an emergency speech where he rejected a letter – presented on Thursday at the headquarters of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces – where hundreds of retired soldiers ask the Armed Forces to prevent leftist Pedro Castillo from eventually being proclaimed the winner.

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