Wednesday, August 4

Peruvians protested in the streets of Miami against communism

Dozens of Peruvians met this Sunday in the city of Miami Beach (Florida, USA) to protest against electoral “fraud” in your country and the leftist presidential candidate, Pedro Castillo, and to request the Government of your country that “all” the votes be counted.

With shouts of “democracy yes, communism no” and many of them dressed in the shirt of the national soccer team, the Peruvians gathered in a corner near the Miami Beach Convention Center on the week of the presidential elections in his country with no official results in sight.

Carrying a sign that said “Don’t let them steal the future of Peru from us”, Catalina Ferradas told Efe that she joined the protest in defense of democracy and against the “pencil party”, referring to Castillo’s Free Party.

Sara Cahuachihuachi, who was accompanying her, assured that the communists are going to “destroy” Peru “just as (they have done in) the other countries” of South America. For now, the recount leaves Castillo as the most voted candidate, but it is unknown when the electoral court will enact the winner, while his right-wing opponent, Keiko Fujimori, has requested to annul nearly 200,000 votes and calls for an alleged “Table fraud”.

“The elections are not abiding by what they should abide by because democracy is being able to assert the rights of the people and when there is fraud you do not see that, and logically we do not support communism”, expressed by Lucy P. Cáceres. He stressed that they demand that the electoral organizations have a “television” count and that everyone’s vote counts. “We are defending democracy.

Photo: EFE / Ivonne Malaver

Not because we are far away, we don’t care about democracy, ”said Patricia Vilchez.

“I accept (a winner) if everything is in order and the votes count, but please let democracy prevail”, added.

The Peruvian woman urged the National Elections Office (ONPE) and the National Electoral Jury (JNE) to “make the true vote prevail.” With 99.935% of the votes counted, Castillo gets 49,420 votes ahead of Fujimori.

The count goes on for a week now, although since last Monday it is clear that the advantage of the rural teacher over the daughter and political heir of former president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) is irrecoverable. Meanwhile, no international electoral observation body, including the Organization of American States (OAS), has detected irregularities.

However, for the Fujimoristas, things such as inconsistencies in the signatures of the members of the polling stations, the fact that they have not received any vote in some of them or that presidents and members of some schools have been relatives are a sign of “fraud”.

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