Tuesday, May 17

Peter Lorimer, the man who made us cry, dies

On Sant Jordi’s day 1975, a guy named Peter lorimer made us cry.

The Barça he is half a step away from playing the final of the European Cup. We have lost the first leg of the semifinal in Leeds by 2-1, it is never a bad result, and we have Johan Cruyff; who is going to deny us that we are the best. It only remains to know if the rival will be Bayern or Saint Étienne. You have to win 1-0, nothing more, and the Camp Nou of 100,000 vociferous shooters will score half of that goal. Easy peasy.

But the 7th minute of the party arrives and that Peter Lorimer beats the Barça defenders’ back, releases a shot and beats to Sadurní; Suddenly, it is as if the godmother had dropped the baby in the middle of a christening.

You have to recover, Cruyff does not have the day and they are flints, even so Barça squeezes, Heredia does not faint, Neeskens and Asensi push, Rexach try another dribble and finally Manolo Clares mark now, there are 20 minutes, they expelled one, the trickster McQueen, come on, extra time is at hand.

No. End. Definitely, Peter Lorimer’s goal has made the children who are from Barça cry. They have locked themselves in the bathroom because they are ashamed that their parents see them like that. “You’re not crying, are you?” They ask them from the other side of the door. But of course they cry. Of astonishment, of disbelief, of rage. Nice to meet you, helplessness. They don’t hate Lorimer, they don’t wish him bad, they don’t even remember his name anymore. In fact, a few weeks later, those same kids will feel sorry for Leeds when they steal the final in Paris against Bayern, among other things for a badly disallowed goal precisely from Lorimer.

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Shots at 170 per hour

It may interest you

It is very likely that he never knew that he gave a horrible displeasure to a whole generation of culés children who experienced the first great trauma of defeat. Yesterday died, at age 74, Rightfully converted into a Leeds United legend, honored by the immense duel of his fans. The oldest ones enjoyed it when he played, in the era of the whiskers, in that rough and advantageous team that he trained Don Revie and that he never made a good fight disgusting. Billy Bremner, Joe Jordan, Jack Charlton, Terry Yorath, Norman Hunter, Alan Clarke … ‘Dirty Leeds’, they called it. They won many titles.

Lorimer was born in Dundee (Scotland) and sets records that will be difficult to break, because he is still the youngest rookie in the history of the Ellan Road club (15 years and 289 days) and the top scorer, with 238 goals in 705 games, a even though he wasn’t a proper striker. He played as a forward midfielder, who was once a midfielder, and always stood out for his deadly shot. Shots had been measured at 170 kilometers per hour, for something they called him ‘Hot shot‘. Those culés of the ‘baby boom’ know it well to whom a right hand of this man broke their hearts for the first time on the night of Sant Jordi in 1975.


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