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‘Petit Garage’, the “most important and special” album by Ara Malikian

Ara Malikian offers a performance at Madrid Airport

Ara Malikian offers a performance at Madrid Airport

The pandemic made the violinist Ara Malikian had to change the big stages planned on his world tour in 2020 for an empty theater in Spain, the Spanish Steps in Rome or a pantheon in Mexico, experiences that have led him to compose ‘Petit Garage’, his “most important and special” album.

“From one day to the next we found ourselves locked up at home and we had to stop everything we were doing and what we had pending. This album was created in full confinement due to the pandemic, it has been a laborious process, but also very beautiful, because I have been able to spend time with my family, which I had not done for a long time and inspiration has come to me in an incredible way, “he explains in an interview with Efe.

Hence, Malikian (Beirut, Lebanon, 1968) has dedicated part of the twelve songs of this ‘Petit Garage’ to his wife and children: “They are a fundamental pillar in my life and when I’m with them, inspiration flies“.

In addition to his family, he has taken as a reference to create his songs everything that was happening in the world due to the covid, how this pandemic affected people, for better or for worse, and has used the “most intimate and hopeful” moments to compose this studio album -which is now available on all platforms-, which he describes as “the most important and special” of his career.

The popular violinist highlights the song ‘Nana wrinkled’ as one of the “most significant” songs that he has composed in confinement for ‘Petit Garaje’, since “is dedicated to all the infected“for the coronavirus in this health crisis.” This song is dedicated especially to the elderly and the most vulnerable of this pandemic, how good they have been isolated on their own or they have been infected and died without being able to say goodbye of his family, without having anyone by his side to hold his hand or caress him. So I composed this lullaby as an accompaniment to all those people who have gone through fear and loneliness “, he declares.

Throughout the nearly 41 minutes that the album lasts, the musician – who confesses that “does not have a fixed style, but a mixture of several“- honors great musicians such as Mozart or popular songs such as the well-known” La Llorona “, as well as including the Christmas carol” Oro, frankincense and myrrh “.

“The Christmas song was a commission, since I am going to receive the Three Wise Men before the start of the parade in Madrid. Composing it has been precious because I am not an expert in Christmas music, and investigating, searching and finding the senses of the Christmas carols to create one in my own way has been very nice, “he says.

With the pandemic, the musician was forced to stop his tour of more than 60 countries with the show ‘Royal Garage World Tour’. After the confinement he had to overcome, look ahead and become the intimate ‘Petit Garage’. “On tour we have reinvented ourselves and it has given us a lot of happiness, especially thanks to the audience that has given us a lot of inspiration and joy. As artists it is important that we do not stop, it is not worth staying without activity because the situation is difficult. People need culture, it is true that the most important thing is health, but health also goes through mental health and culture helps all this, “he asserts.

The adaptation of the tour has led Malikian to suspend concerts on a large scale and on large stages and move to a smaller format, which on the one hand looks good because has allowed him to play in emblematic places where he “never” imagined.

“Playing in the Royal Palace in Madrid, on the steps of the Plaza de España in Rome or in a theater in Guadalajara has been great, but the most impressive thing in my career has been the possibility of sharing a concert with the deceased in the Pantheon from Arocutín in Michoacán, Mexico. Living the Day of the Dead in the country, playing in the midst of its customs and traditions was wonderful, “he confesses.

Although the pandemic “has hit culture very hard this 2020”, a hopeful Malikian trusts that this year that he has entered will be much better than the previous one and that “it will allow culture and music to continue alive and reach any corner of the world”.

Therefore, apart from asking for health for all, since “it is the most important thing”, as well as a “better” society in which “others are valued and respected”, he also wishes that in this 2021 “he cares for and protects himself. plus culture. ”

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