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Petra Martínez and Juan Margallo, National Theater Award 2022

Juan Margallo and Petra Martínez, in 2007 / Eph

The jury highlighted “the coherence in the trajectory maintained on stage, and its commitment to art and society through its creations”


The actors Petra Martínez and Juan Margallo have obtained this Friday the National Theater Prize corresponding to 2022, which is awarded annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and is endowed with 30,000 euros, as reported by the Ministry.

The jury has proposed the awarding of this award to Petra Martínez and Juan Margallo “for the coherence in the trajectory maintained on stage, and for their commitment to art and society through their creations”.

In addition, he stressed that this award is also given “for their resistance and desire to incorporate new forms and scenic trends into their works, so that they have been able to make 20th-century theater, but also maintain the scenic excellence that has characterized them in the entire context of the 21st century, without forgetting his pedagogical work and theatrical transmission, always carried out with enormous professionalism, not exempt from the sense of humor that permeates his works».

The National Theater Prize is awarded as a reward and recognition for the work of a person or entity in the theatrical field, preferably revealed through a work or performance made public or performed during the year 2021.

Petra Martínez and Juan Margallo constitute one of the “strongest and most fruitful” artistic marriages on the Spanish cultural scene. Initiated in independent theater, their contribution to the scene in the last half century has been “fundamental”. Authors, performers and directors stand out for a career that begins in essential independent theater groups such as TEI, Tábano and Gayo Vallecano.

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Later, in 1985, they both founded the Uroc Teatro company, with which they toured stages throughout the country and much of Europe and Latin America, and with which they approached classical and contemporary dramaturgy with works such as ‘El retablo de las marvels ‘ (1996), ‘Clown Quixote de la Mancha’ (1998) and ‘El de la triste figura’ (2005), inspired by the work of Cervantes; ‘Clásyclos’ (uncontrolled theater command) (1998), based on verses by Calderón and Lope; ‘Open Couple’; ‘Reservadísimo’ (2001) and ‘La mujer pasota’; ‘La mujer sola’ (2005), staging of works by Darío Fo; and ‘La rosa de papel’ (2004), by Valle-Inclán.

Amongst the latest works by this artistic couple are ‘Adosados’ (2007), ‘Things of our own’ (2011), ‘Chimpón!’ (2015), ‘Miss Doña Margarita’ (2021) and ‘Until Alzheimer’s devours me’ (2021, Sala Mirador).

Juan Margallo began his stage career at the beginning of the 1960s with works such as ‘Sweet Bird of Youth’ and in historical companies such as the Teatro María Guerrero, the Lope de Vega and the Teatro Español, with which he participated in various productions ( ‘La belle malmariee’; ‘La bella malmariadada’, ‘Caligula’, ‘The knight with the golden spurs’, ‘The villain in his corner’; ‘The miracles of the newspaper’ or ‘The mayor of Zalamea’, among others ).

For her part, Petra Martínez began in the theater at the end of that same decade linked to Teatro Estudio in Madrid with works such as ‘Cuento para la hora de acostarse’ and ‘Twelfth Night, or whatever you want’; where she met the one who would become her artistic and personal companion.

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Petra Martínez also has extensive experience in television and film, where she has been directed by directors such as José Luís García Sánchez, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Jaime Rosales and Pedro Almodóvar.

Among his recognitions, the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2011) to the Uroc theater group stands out. Likewise, Margallo has been awarded twice with the Max Prize for the Performing Arts and Martínez with the Feroz Prize for Best Leading Actress for his latest film work ‘La vida era esto’, by David Martín de los Santos.

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