Thursday, October 28

Petrer pedestrianizes the Camino del Cid on Sunday and Thursday to avoid crowds

The access road to the Sierra del Cid will be closed to traffic on the critical days of Christmas.

The access road to the Sierra del Cid will be closed to traffic on the critical days of Christmas.

The Petrer City Council has announced that the access road to the Chabola del ForestalFrom where you access the path to climb the emblematic mountain of El Cid, it will be pedestrianized next Sunday, December 27, and on Thursday the 31st. “critical days”In which a greater agglomeration of hikers to this unique mountain. In addition, the excessive influx of walkers causes an important problem in the accesses, due to the accumulation of badly parked vehicles that prevent the passage of vehicles from emergency and even the maneuvers of other users.

Faced with this situation, access to this place will be regulated on the last Sunday of the year, and the last day of the year, in order to guarantee the safety of visitors and the place in times of coronavirus. The Councilor for the Environment has recommended looking for alternative places to celebrate this end of the year in contact with nature. “We have a very wide municipal area and very beautiful places that this year could be an alternative to avoid crowds “, has indicated the councilman of the area, Fernando Diaz.

The City Council will open the Finca Ferrusa car park, with capacity for about 150 vehicles, during the two days December 27 and 31 with the aim that vehicles can be parked. The local police councilor, Pablo Lizán, has reported that the pedestrianization of the road will be done at the Ferrussa-La Horteta crossing (in the Forcat area) and only residents will be allowed access by vehicle. “In recent years we have detected traffic jams and problems even to circulate because cars were left parked in the gutters, which can also be a problem in case emergency vehicles are needed to access the area”, has underlined.

The toast from the top

In recent years it has become traditional to toast the New Year from the top of our most unique mountain. In this sense the doctor and lover of the mountains, Antonio Palacios, warns of the risks due to the narrowness of the path and the inevitable crossing of hikers. “It is a steep and demanding path, especially for those who hike occasionally and do not have a great physical preparation, and this increases the chances of removing the mask to be able to oxygenate and with it an added risk for people who cross it. way”·, Has indicated advising against that those days go up to the Cid.

The operation that is going to be launched therefore intends for hikers to think of another alternative for these days: there are many other places in our environment, and you can also choose another date. If you still decide to climb El Cid, it is recommended to walk from the town or from the Finca Ferrussa car park, where you can park while there are places available.


Environment also makes a series of recommendations of good practices to hikers:

– Do not leave waste of any kind on the mountain.

– Drive only on marked trails, avoid using shortcuts.

– Do not cause alterations to the vegetation.

– Do not cause annoyance to animals, or damage their habitat.

– The use of fires is prohibited due to the risk of fire.

– Respect other visitors and also private properties.

– Pets must always be tied up and under control.

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