Sunday, December 5

Petrer wants to be a pioneer in implementing Management and Modernization Entities in its industrial estates

The Petrer City Council wants to implement in its industrial estates Management and Modernization Entities for which it has deployed an information campaign and an informative working breakfast to be held this coming Thursday. The Law on Management, Promotion and Modernization of Industrial Areas It is a pioneering regulation that has marked a milestone in the regulation and promotion of the industrial zones of the Valencian Community. The standard, approved in Les Cortes and born from consensus, encourages the industrial areas of the Community to have the infrastructures, facilities and services necessary for the efficient development of economic activities, improving the management and quality of industrial land.

The Councilor for Economic Development has underlined some of the advantages that already work in polygons of Valencia and Castellón, and hopes that Petrer, if the entrepreneurs and landowners want it, be a pioneer in the province of Alicante. “This type of legal figure encourages municipal involvement and public-private collaboration in the management and improvement of existing infrastructures and services in business areas, without the City Council ceasing to provide the services it currently provides and the activities it provides. are scheduled annually “, has indicated David morcillo. “The EGMs are a key instrument because they will allow a higher quality management model that will facilitate the creation, conservation, maintenance and modernization of public services, as well as the development of additional value-added services “, explained the councilor. The department directed by the councilor as the mayor herself, Irene Navarro, have been involved in an explanatory phase so that companies from both the Salinetes polygon and Les Pedreres, about two hundred in total, attend the information meeting on Thursday. “The transformation into the new legal figure, which allows obtaining tax advantages, improvements in maintenance, development of new investments and enhancing the promotion of the business area”, explains Morcillo who has pointed out that “Strengthening and improving our industrial estates is the best way to promote employment and investment, as it represents a quantitative and qualitative improvement for existing companies and entrepreneurs and a focus of attraction for future ones”.

Although all are advantages, it should be noted that it is a voluntary process, which must be approved by 51% of the owners. Although the pandemic has not helped to develop the process more quickly as was the intention of the local executive, Morcillo recalls that “being EGM is something that any business area in the Region should opt for, as it represents an opportunity to revalue industrial land as a whole “. The EGM also entails tax advantages for companies, such as the ICIO bonus, as well as tax incentives for the acquisition of real estate. It also involves the external promotion of the business area through IVACE to encourage new business implementations.

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