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Pfizer estimates that the COVID vaccine will contribute 25% of its revenue in 2021

An image of the logo of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

An image of the logo of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

The American Pharmacist Pfizer announced this Tuesday that it expects to bill about 15,000 million dollars (about 12,460 million euros current change) this year with its COVID-19 vaccine developed together with BioNTech, which involves 25% of your business forecasts.

Pfizer, which reported its quarterly and cumulative results this morning, noted that its total billing forecasts are between the 59,400 and 61,400 million dollars for the entire fiscal year, a figure that reflects the progressive vaccination of the countries and their economic recovery.

In 2020, the company obtained a profit of 9,616 million dollars, 41% less than the previous year, while its revenues increased 2%, to 41,908 million, mainly thanks to the sales of its oncology and internal medicine products.

“Our ability to move fast and use cutting-edge science to help tackle the world’s greatest medical challenges was put to the test by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our record-breaking success in developing a vaccine, along with our partner BioNTech, it’s just one example of what this new Pfizer is capable of, “said its CEO, Albert Bourla.

Two months ago, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was the first in the world to be approved for emergency use by the authorities, in the United Kingdom, and now has green light in more than fifty countries, but the problems have been transferred to its distribution.

Pfizer noted that has agreed to supply 200 million doses with the US Government and it advanced its delivery date to “the end of May” when it had previously spoken of July, while in the cases of the European Union, with which it has agreed to supply 300 million doses, and the COVAX platform, 40 million doses, he did not specify the dates.

The pharmaceutical company already registered an improvement in its figures in the fourth quarter of 2020, including the first sales of the anticovid vaccine that generated 154 million dollars.

Between October and December, Pfizer obtained a profit of 594 million, reversing the losses of 337 million that it suffered in the same period of 2019, and had a turnover of 11,684 million, 12% higher year-on-year.

During the quarter, Pfizer finalized the merger operation announced in 2019 between its Upjohn business and GlaxoSmithKline’s Mylan firm, creating a new generic drug maker called Viatris.

In the year, half of the sales have corresponded to oncological products (almost 11,000 million dollars, with a growth of 21%) and internal medicine (9,000 million, 2% more).

Pfizer’s vaccines division brought in about 6,500 million (2% more) and the one with the highest projection was that of rare diseases, which grew 29% to almost 3,000 million.

Pfizer raised its earnings per share forecast in 2021 “primarily due to further refinements to the COVID-19 vaccine billing outlook” to a range of $ 3.10 to $ 3.20, up from $ 3 to $ 3. , 10 which he had announced in mid-January.

The results had a mixed reception on Wall Street and at the beginning of the session its shares fell about 3%. In the last year, they have lost 3% of their value.

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