Saturday, November 27

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine: 9 questions about its development and the challenges it faces in getting it approved and massively distributed

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Following the Pfizer announcement, it’s time to answer several questions.

Based on preliminary results, Pfizer and BioNtech announced on Monday that their coronavirus vaccine works in nine out of 10 cases and that they will begin procedures to seek its emergency approval.

The companies reported that their compound, which like nine others is in phase 3 clinical trials, has been tested in 43,500 people without detecting any major adverse effects.

Although the news offers hope in the fight against the pandemic, the scientific community has warned that it is necessary to be cautious, and that it is necessary to have complete data from the studies before we can definitively assure that the vaccine is safe and effective to be massively distributed.

The preliminary results published by Pfizer and BioNtech is what experts call a “interim analysis”, as explained by bioengineer Harry Al-Wassiti and professor of pharmaceutical biology Colin Pouton, both from Monash University; and Kylie Quinn, a biomedical science researcher at RMIT University in Australia.

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